Friday, April 20, 2007

AZ96A at Tampines Mart Junction

This bike AZ96A started his route from Tampines Mart (Tampines St.32 and St.34 T-Junction) pedestrian crossing. After that, he rode on the pedestrian footpath where students and parents are walking towards East Spring Primary School daily. From there, he rode straight into his Block 333 void deck and parked there.

Saw him a few times doing the same (though sometimes he rode from Tampines St.34 then onto the same pedestrian footpath and cut into the Blk.333 void deck) at this Tampines Mart St.32 and St.34 T-Junction. It's usually around 6.50am to 7.05am.

Photo 1.
Shows biker waiting to cross the pedestrian crossing outside Tampines Mart;

Photo 2.

Photo 3.
Video shows the biker on the pedestrian footpath after the pedestrian crossing. Thereafter, he rode straight into the Blk.333 void deck;

Photo 4.
Shows he parked his bike at the Void Deck of Tampines Blk.333;

Photo 5.
The location;

Date : 2 April 2007
Time : 7.00am

Here again on 4 April 2007, he parked his bike at the void deck of Blk.333;

Date : 4 April 2007
Time : 7.01am

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