Monday, August 27, 2007

GU8924M Did Not Give Way

This van GU8924M is coming out from the slip road to main road (Bedok Sth Ave 1) at the Laguna Flyover near to the traffic light junction. Despite my continuous horning at him, he didn't even bother to slow down and give way to traffic from the main road. If I didn't step on my brake and slow down, what will happen?

Is there a change in Singapore traffic rule? Main road traffic giving ways to slip road traffic? Suggest to Traffic Police if they catch such drivers who didn't bother to give way to vehicles on the main road and they don't even bother to slow down, best is to suspend their license and ask them to retake their highway code.

Date of Video taken : 25 Aug 2007 Saturday
Time of Video taken : 4.39pm

Location Map;

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Friday, August 24, 2007

GM7005P - Handphone Driving

Handphone driving seems to be back again and happening very common nowadays! Why? Probably police are not enforcing the law seriously now as the campaign is over (I think)...Very often I see drivers using their phone on one hand and the other hand driving.

I saw this driver of a pickup (GM7005P) yesterday at the Rochor Road (just off the ECP Sheares Bridge) turning right towards Beach Road (opp. Gateway Buidling) using his handphone while driving. He was using his right hand to hold the phone and the other hand driving.

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Date of photo taken : 23 Aug 2007, Thursday
Time of photo taken : 4.47pm
Location : From Rochor Road (Off ECP Sheares Bridge) to Beach Road Junction.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Vehicles parked illegally at and near Bus Stop or Lane

Every Friday, those roads (Siglap Link and nearby) and bus stops/lanes outside Victoria School are full of illegally parked and dangerously parked vehicles. You may find cars, private buses parked at bus lane or bus stop outside the Victoria School; also motorbikes parked on the grass patch and pedestrian footpath; some vehicles were also parking on the grass patch.

The LTA spent so much money to send drivers and motorists colorful and beautiful brochures on the Bus Lane Scheme in Mar/April 2007, but are these being enforced on all the bus lanes? These illegal parkings are committed every Friday not once a year where we can just give and take - I repeat every Friday. And these are just outside the School, in a school zone! Safety should not be compromised. The relevant authority should regulate on all illegal parkings outside all places of worship like churches, temples, mosques, etc. to ensure safety of the pedestrians and other road users.

Let me show you a series of photos and videos of the offenses committed below;

Photo 2 Below;
Taken on 17 Aug 2007, 1.49pm
Location : Outside Victoria School Bus Stop

Note : After the 1 April 2007 Bus Lane rule implementation.

And below is the Video 1 showing the vehicles including private buses parked near the bus stop and bus lane;

After U turn, the whole stretch of road (outside the Mosque) is full of illegally parked vehicles on Double Yellow Lines, Motorbikes on pedestrian footpath and Jay Walkers. You may see the Video 2 below;

Below you can see 2 taxis parked at the bus lane at the bus stop opposite to Victoria School;
Date : 17 Aug 2007, 1.51pm

After the Bus Stop, you can see those vehicles parked illegally on the grass patch;

Here is the photo;
Date : 17 Aug 2007, 1.53pm

Photo 1 Below;
Taken on 23 Mar 2007, 1.45pm
Location : Outside Victoria School Bus Stop

Note : This was before the new bus lane rule implemented on 1 April 2007.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

FT4346A at Tampines Blk 382

This bike is still parking there today (29 Aug 07). It has parked there for almost 7 weeks already.

Date of above photo taken : 29 Aug 2007
Time of above photo taken : 7.13am

This bike FT4346A has been parking at the side of the void deck of Tampines Blk.382 (from before National Day to after until now) daily.

Date : 10 Aug 2007
Time : 6.10pm

Monday, August 13, 2007

Cyclist at Old Airport Road Hawker Centre

This cyclist is not pushing his bike on the footpath but trying to squeeze thru the narrow passage of the walkway despite the fact that a family of four were walking towards him. This is located at the footpath towards the Multi Storey Carpark besides the Old Airport Road Hawker Centre.

This is not Tampines where cyclists are allowed to share the footpath of pedestrian. See - before you legalised it, they already break the law and rule and everyone knows. I wonder why accommodate those who break the law? Putting these cyclists on the footpath is shifting the problem from the road to the footpath.

Date : 12 Aug 2007
Time : 11.32am

Thursday, August 2, 2007

SFN9358P from Slip Road to Main Road

This car SFN9358P simply just follow the front black car from the slip road to the main road without even slow down or give way to vehicles on the main road it's adjoining.

This is the same location as mentioned in my earlier post at Upper Changi Road East.