Thursday, December 27, 2007

FW1915L Parked At Void Deck

This motorbike FW1915L was parked at the void deck of Blk.384 Tampines St.32 despite that the MSCP is just next to it.

Note : An email have been sent to the Tampines Town Council with photo attached on the 27 Dec 2007. Awaiting reply from TTC.

Date and Time of Photo Taken : 26 Dec 2007, 7.17pm

Note : Feedback to TTC on 2 Jan 2008. TTC replied on 4 Jan 2008 that enforcement action have been taken against the rider.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

SFW6745C At MSCP Exit

The driver of this SFW6745C was seen picking up his family members or friends at the Exit of Multi-Storey Carpark (MSCP) at Blk.384A Tampines St.32. One should not stop at the Exit or Entrance of the MSCP or carpark for boarding or alighting as this cause inconvenience to others. One may argue that it's only for a short while, but if everyone is doing the same, it won't be for a short while.

In some early morning peak hour, about 3 to 4 drivers are doing such act at the Exit of this MSCP and thus cause an unnecessary jam or bottleneck at this carpark due to the inconsiderate acts of those drivers.

Pls "Do not Inconvenience others to Convenience yourself"! If it's for a short while only, one should pick up their family members or friends at their respective block downstair or walk to the car together.

Date and Time of Video Taken : 23 Dec 2007 (Sun), 4.56pm

Friday, December 21, 2007

GP271S Hogging On ECP

This van GP271S is hogging on the ECP towards Airport at 60km/h at the 2nd lane. The left lane though is clear and this van refused to move in to the left and obstructing the smooth flow of vehicle on the 2nd lane. This caused the vehicles on the 2nd lane to overtake on this slippery road as it's drizzling.

Though the van is not speeding, but it's only right for the slow vehicle to move to the slow land (left) whenever possible.

Date and Time of Video Taken : 28 Nov 2007 (Wed), 4.45pm

Friday, December 14, 2007

FQ5748H parked at Blk.384 Tampines Void Deck Again

This bike again parked at the void deck of Blk.384 Tampines St.32 on 30 Nov 2007 (Fri) 7.59pm.

This bike was previously seen parking at the void deck of the same block near to the letter box as seen in this previous post on 23 Jun 2007.

Date and Time Photo Taken : 30 Nov 2007 (Fri) 7.59pm.

Note : I've emailed to the Tampines Town Council on this issue on 1 Dec 2007.

On 6 Dec 2007, Tampines Town Council replied that their officer will looked into the matter.

On 11 Dec 2007, Tampines Town Council replied that they have taken enforcement action against the owner.

Monday, December 10, 2007

SGS1228X At Blk.383 Tampines St.32 Void Deck

This vehicle SGS 1228X was spotted at the Void Deck of Blk.383 Tampines St.32 on the 9 Dec 2007 (Sun), 12.10pm. The driver was picking up his/her passengers in the void deck and having done that, reversed the vehicle out. At that time, it was only drizzling slightly and whether or not it pours, one should not drive or park his/her vehicle in the HDB Void Deck.

This is not the first time vehicles have been spotted having driven up to this void deck of Blk.383 Tampines St.32. The reason is that the gap for the handicapped and ambulance roller bed is too wide and the cars are able to pass thru. Maybe the authority should narrow up the gap and at the same time, fine the offenders more and punish them with more demerit points.

There is no reason to be at the void deck for any vehicles unless authorised to do so by the relevant authority.

Date and Time of Video Taken : 9 Dec 2007 (Sun), 12.10pm

Note : I've already feedback to Tampines Town Council on 10 Dec 2007 and waiting for their reply.

On 13 Dec 2007, Tampines Town Council replied that they will look into the case.