Tuesday, February 26, 2008

YK9984Y Hogging The Middle Lane

This driver of lorry YK9984Y hogged the middle lane of the PIE (from airport to Paya Lebar) even though the left lane is not congested. The speed limit indicated on the back of lorry is 60Km/h but he is doing 80Km/h. So he is not only hogging the middle lane, but also exceeded it's speed limit.

Despite the horn and flash, the driver refuse to filter to the left. Also note that the driver don't seem to be able to keep in the middle of the lane (maybe either drunk or on handphone, etc).

Date and Time Video Taken : Saturday, February 16, 2008, 12:01:12 PM

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Keep Cyclists Out Of The Pedestrian Footpath - Part 2

... Cont'd from Part 1

Below are some extracts from the articles and letters from newspapers since last year 2007;

1. 4 Apr 2007 (Credit : Today, Mediacorp Press)
Draw up dedicated road rules for cyclists

- In some instances, the bicycles flashed past us, without regard for our safety.
- In other instances, we have almost had head-on collisions with bicycles at pedestrian crossings.

2. 15 May 2007 (Credits : Today, Mediacorp Press)
Cyclists take to footpaths

- Despite the ban, in practice, the Traffic Police does not penalise those who cycle on footpaths unless they are reckless, which is why many cyclists think the law should be scrapped.
- Tampines resident Zhang Fa, 62, said : "Young cyclists who ride very fast have almost knocked me down more than once. I think this will just make it worse."
- An independent consultant has been appointed to evaluate the study.

3. 16 May 2007 (Credits : Mediacorp Press)
Ensure pedestrians can walk safely

- Already, even with the ban in place, we are seeing cyclists either zooming recklessly or ringing their bell impatiently behind us on the footpath.
- A lady's bike once knocked into my elbow when I was walking my kids to school.
- Another time, I had to shout at a man when I saw him scolding a young student walking alone ahead of his bicycle for not giving way to him.

Set rules for safety
- It is called a pedestrian path because that is essentially who it is meant for - pedestrians.
- Perhaps cyclists should be made to push their bicycles at bus stops rather than being allowed to cycle through.

4. 17 May 2007 (Today, Mediacorp Press)
Cars versus cyclists versus pedestrians

- It can get unnerving at traffic junctions, where pedestrians are at the mercy of such "Formula 1 cyclist", who think nothing of endangering their lives and those of other road users.
- There must be proper means for traffic authorities to monitor and correct "dangerous biking" and mete out deterrents for biking offences.

Have clear lane markings for cyclists, pedestrians

- I never knew that cycling on pedestrian paths was illegal, because everybody does it.
- I hardly think that cyclists will give way to pedestrians, keep to riding on the left side of the footpath, and get off when there are too many people using the same space.

5. 24 May 2007 (Credits : Mediacorp Press)
Let's be gracious, share our small island

- Pedestrians will continue to have the right of way on the footways at all times.
- Police will also continue to take action against errant cyclists who ride in a reckless or disorderly manner, causing danger to pedestrians and other cyclists, under the Road Traffic (Bicycles) Rules.

6. 14 Jul 2007 (Credit : Weekend Today, Mediacorp Press0
Pedalling Danger On The Road

- Should a pedestrian be knocked down by a cyclist along a pedestrian crossing, what is the remedy for the injured?
- Even if his identity can be determined, he may be a person of few or no menas, especially in the case of foreign workers who are also following this bad habit.
- At 63, I honestly fear using pedestrian crossings, let alone footpaths which are also used by motorcyclists.
- A check with the Traffic Police reveals that as the law now stands, there is no specific prohibition against cyclists using pedestrian corssings.
- If it is not an offence, then it is time to introduce a new provision in the Road Traffic Rules to prohibit cyclists from riding along pedestrian crossings.

7. 14 Jan 2008 (Credits : MyPaper, SPH)
Put strips on pavements to reduce speed of bicycles

- The fine of $20 is too small for the offenders to feel the pinch and many feel that they would not get caught.
- Pedestrians like me have to "give way" to the cyclists, and most of the time, I would be scolded for blocking their way of I would be hit by them.

8. 15 Jan 2008 (Credits : MyPaper, SPH)
Need to get tough on cyclists using pavements

- My family and I are subject to the dangers of walking on footpaths on a daily basis.
- Cyclists go round pregnant women, children and old folks, ringing their bells incessantly and giving dirty looks to those who do not give way in time.

9. 10 Feb 2008 (Credits : The Sunday Times, SPH)
Bicycles + Footpaths = Bad Mix?

- On Jan 31, Madam Stevnanie Nur Rindynie and her three-month old daughter were knocked down by a cyclist while they were walking along a footpath in Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10.
- Secretary Rina Tan, 43, who has been swiped by bicycle handles while walking, wants no change to the no-rider-on-footpath rule.
- But 12 admitted to having had brushes with pedestrians.

10. 17 Feb 2008 (Credits : The Sunday Times, SPH)
Readers say 'NO' to shared footpaths

- The Traffic Police and Land Transport Authority said that for the trial to be successful, cycylists should give way to pedestrians who will still have the right of way on footpaths.
- Cyclists must get off and push their bikes at pedestrian crossings and crowded public places such as malls and bus stops.
- The Traffic Police said that in an accident involving a pedestrian and a cyclist, the latter must provide his name and address to the victim.
- If the cyclist refuses, the pedestrian or any witness may detain him until he gives his particulars or until a police officer arrives.

With all the above feedbacks, do you still think the trial in Tampines will be successful? Even without the trial, all of us knew that 'Bicycles + Footpaths' won't work in Singapore!

Get rid of those motorbikes from the footpath first before putting the bicycles on it!

To be continued in Part 3...

Monday, February 18, 2008

Still No Action Against Illegally Parked Vehicles Near Victoria School

Referring to my previous post here, despite sending an email to the Traffic Police and cc to the SM Goh C.T.(dated 4 Feb 08), there is still no replies from them and also no action taken against those illegally parked vehicles near Victoria School.

Again on 15 Feb 2008, cars are found to park at bus lane and double parked too. Motorcycles are also parked on footpath all over the place. Pls, pls, this is a school zone! Are we waiting for accidents to occur? Even if this is not a school zone, all should obey the traffic rules and no one is above the law!

Photo and Video Taken On : 15 Feb 2008 (Fri), 1.41pm

Friday, February 15, 2008

Keep Cyclists Out Of The Pedestrian Footpath - Part 1

Should cyclists be allowed to ride on the footpath? Up till now, whether you allowed or disallowed, they are already on the footpath daily. Even if you tell them about Rule 28 of Road Traffic Rules (RTR) disallow them to be on the footpath, they are either ignorant of it or disregard it.

Since the cyclists already disregard the Rule 28 of RTR or are ignorant of it, why do we still want to proceed on with the 1 yr pilot project to study the feasibility of sharing our footpath with cyclists? Personally I find this project - a waste of time and money. I will tell you why is it so in my Part 3.

Try asking any cyclists on the footpath what is Rule 28 of RTR or what other rules and laws are governing the cyclists in Singapore - the answer is probably most of the cyclists are not aware of it! Why? Everyone is cycling on the footpath, on pedestrian crossings, and in fact everywhere they like daily - that there doesn't seem to have any rules or laws governing cyclists.

This episode or this probably started it all - During the Committee of Supply debates in 2005, Senior Minister of State for Law & Home Affairs, A/P Ho Peng Kee, in response to a parliamentary question by Tampines MP Ms Irene Ng, said that the issue of whether or not cycling on footways should be allowed would be reviewed.

In this part 1, I will talk about the rules and laws governing the cyclists.

The laws governing cycling on the public roads are set out in the Road Traffic Act, Chapter 276 of Singapore (“RTA”) and the rules made pursuant to the RTA. Some of the rules relevant to cyclists are the Road Traffic Rules (“RTR”) and the Road Traffic (Bicycles) Rules of 25 November 1955 (the “RT(B)R”).

a) According to Rule 28 of the RTR, “No vehicle, except perambulators, shall be driven, parked or ridden on the footway of a road.

b) The RTA defines a "vehicle" as “any vehicle whether mechanically propelled or otherwise;”. A "bicycle" is in turn defined as “a two-wheeled pedal cycle constructed or adapted for use as a means of conveyance;”.

c) Rule 10 of the RT(B)R requires a bicycle to be ridden in “an orderly manner and with due regard for the safety of others”. The RT(B)R does not prohibit cyclists from cycling on pavements.

The Traffic Police has confirm that it is illegal for cyclists to cycle on pavements, and any offender will be fined S$20.

You may read more in detail from SACA here.

Besides Rule 28 of RTR, what other laws are there applicable to cyclists? You may check them out again at SACA site from page 5 to 11.

If the reason for allowing cyclists on the footpath is because the number of accidents involving cyclists on the road is increasing, than it's not solving the root of the problem. We are looking at 300 to 400 plus a year, is it a large figure to change the law? If yes, than compared to the number of motorcycles or motorbikes on the same footpath daily - I guess the number is even much much more! Why didn't the authority do something immediately to remove the bikes from the same footpath?

Moreover, the number of accidents involving cyclists - is it due to the cyclists carelessness and recklessness? If yes, why still put them on the footpath? If it's due to the motorists fault, than we should penalise the driver more.

In part 2, we will look at some of the past years newspaper articles and letters regarding cyclists on footpaths.

Before I end, pls take a poll on whether "Should cyclists be allowed on the footpath" at the top right sidebar of this blog. Thank you.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Biker Didn't Stop At Zebra Crossing

This is just one of the many bikers who don't bother to stop for pedestrian crossing the Zebra Crossing at Tampines Mart. I was already crossing halfway, and this biker just zoom past me.

I wonder did he see anyone crossing the road at the zebra crossing? If he didn't see me crossing, how can someone ride a bike with such poor eyesight? If he did see me crossing, why didn't he stop and give way?

Warning : For pedestrians using this Zebra Crossing at Tampines Mart, be careful! Most bikers and motorists don't give way to pedestrian even if you are halfway crossing it. So be careful especially if you have kids with you.

Date and Time of Video Taken : 5 Jan 2008 (Sat.), 8.38am

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cars Double Parked Opposite Victoria School

Every Friday there are illegal parking of cars and motorcycles along Marine Parade Road outside Victoria School. Cars parked on Double Yellow Lines, Bus Lanes and motorcycles parked on pedestrian footpath.

Like last Friday 1 Feb 2008, maybe because of some construction work near the Victoria School, cars even double parked outside the mosque leaving only 1 lane passable to traffic. This is a school zone and all these illegal parking are a safety hazard and pose a danger to the students there.

Must we wait till a life is lost then the relevant authority will act on it? Whatever places of worship including churches and temples too, there should be no illegal parking. Safety should not be compromise!

Note : Already sent an email to TP and c.c. to SM Goh on 4 Feb 2008. Still waiting for their replies.

Monday, February 4, 2008

SGE5776C At Tampines St.32

I just do not understand this driver of SGE5776C. This car came out of the Tampines Mart Carpark and after turning left, the driver stop near to the bus-stop to pick up a boy. As this is a single lane traffic, the driver can either turn into the detour for alighting/boarding only, or get the boy to get to the car together at the carpark. Why stop at road (everyone will claimed it's only for a short while, but if everyone is doing it, it won't be for a short while) and obstruct the free flow of traffic even though it's red light? Anyway, what does Double Yellow Lines mean to these drivers?

Date and Time Video Taken : 3 Nov 2007 (Sat.), 4.53pm