Monday, September 14, 2009

Lorry Dripping Muddy Water Along ECP

Saw this lorry dripping muddy water out of his lorry. Maybe the driver was not aware of it, but LTA should ensure that all lorry drivers should check for any leak before they leave the site and drive on the road. This is to ensure the safety of other road users especially the motorbikes.

In this video, you can see the stretch of road dirtied by this lorry. Droved past the lorry and horned hime to inform him of the leak.

Monday, August 24, 2009

FS2952T Parked At 384 Tampines St.32 Void Deck

Motorbike FS2952T parked at the void deck of 384 Tampines St.32. If the relevant authority still don't take stern action against such acts, who will park in the parking lots?

Photo Taken On : 10 Jan 2009, 8.32pm

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Riding And Parking At Blk.384 Tampines St.32 Void Deck

Look at this biker. Simply ride his bike and park at the void deck as if it's his private road and parking lot. I really hope that the relevant authority can take stern action against such act unless the authority is going to legalise it like cycling on footpath.

Video Taken On : 21 Jun 2008 at 5.52pm
Location : Blk.384 Tampines St.32 Void Deck.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lorry Going Above 90 km/h Along ECP

This lorry though was not taking the Lane 1 of the ECP, but the driver was still going way beyond its speed limit allowed. Take a look at the video below;

You can see that even though the left most lane was empty, the lorry took the middle (2nd) lane instead. Also the speed that it was travelling was at least more than 90km/h.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Finally Bollards To Prevent Cars Driving Into Void Deck

Finally the Tampines Town Council had erected 2 bollards to prevent vehicles from driving into the void deck at Blk.383 Tampines St.32. After numerous posts on such void deck parking and driving and complaints to the Town Councils, action have been taken to prevent it but at the expense of the residents here. I've not seen any vehicles driven into the void deck since the 2 bollards have been erected.

The funds used to erect such bollards should be taken from the fines (if any) they issued to those who drove or park in the void deck.

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Monday, February 23, 2009

My Lane Obstructed, You Give Way!

This seems to be the norm now for most motorists and I wonder why? If your lane is obstructed, you should slow down or stop before you drive or even speed up to the opposite direction lane and expecting the oncoming vehicles to give way to you. Take a look at the below video and you can see why;

Video Taken On : 28 Mar 2008, 1.38pm

Friday, February 20, 2009

JKS2927 Parked On Footpath At Tampines St.33

This bike JKS2927 was found parked on the pedestrian footpath near to the East Spring Primary School (diagonally opp. to Tampines Mart) at Tampines St.33. I hope that the relevant authority can take very stern action against such illegal act (unless it's legal to park in such manner). Pls do not just give us past statistics on how many how been booked, etc... just get more warden to enforce the law. Kindly ensure that our aging population is safe on the footpath.

Photo taken on : 5 May 2008, 12.05pm