Monday, March 24, 2008

SFS1975J At Void Deck

This car SFS1975J was parked at the void deck of Blk.383 Tampines St.32 on 22 Mar 2008 Saturday. Though it was raining at that time, but there is no reason to park at the void deck. There is no handicapped label on the car and even if there is, does it mean one can park at the void deck? Think!

Note : - Already sent an email to Tampines Town Council on the above issue on 24 Mar 2008.
- Tampines Town Council replied on 28 Mar 2008 that they have issued offence notice to the accused vehicle owner.

Date and Time of Photos Taken : 22 Mar 2008 (Sat.), 4.43pm


Seen This Scene That said...

This driver is really inconsiderate. How could he/she leave his car there?? Did the multi-storey carpark run out of lots?

Keep up the good vigilante work!

stomponli said...

Thanks. There were ample lots at the MSCP and even if it runs out of lots, one shouldn't park at the void deck.

Void deck parking seems to be wide spread nowadays in Singapore due to lack of enforcement...just waiting for one accident to occur.