Friday, July 27, 2007

LTA to catch errant drivers with Street Cameras

Read a good news from MyPaper yesterday dated 26 Jul 2007 titled "Street cameras to catch errant drivers". It's about LTA intention to install street cameras to capture those motorists who violate traffic rules like straying into bus lanes, park illegally, illegal vehicles modifications, stop or drive where they should not, etc.

Hope that they can place their main emphasis on those who violate traffic rules which will endanger other road users lives like speeding, driving recklessly and those slow vehicles who speed and drive on the overtaking lanes at the expressways, instead of just bus lanes and illegal parking as these can be done by 3rd party wardens.

Credit : MyPaper

Friday, July 20, 2007

SGJ8250G on ECP to Xilin Avenue

SBJ8250G jumped queue and cut into people's lane. Last minute filtering into the left lane even though signaled but does not give one right to do so without ensuring it's safe to do so. This is at the Exit 2B off ECP to Xilin Avenue.

After exiting to the main road, this driver immediately filtered to the right lane without slowing down.

Here is the location map;

Many drivers who wanted to exit off the expressway don't queue up and do last minute filtering to jump or cut queue.

Date : 18 Jul 2007
Time : 5.18pm

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Slip Road To Main Road

Since Singapore is a Left Hand Drive country, vehicles coming from the Slip Road should Give Way to vehicles on Main Road. Vehicles approaching the joint should slow down or stop completely to give way to vehicles on the Main Road.

The trend seems to have change nowadays as more and more drivers not giving way to vehicles on Main Road and they don't even bother to slow down or take a look on their right at all. Here are some of such roads where you can find such Irresponsible Drivers very often.

1. Upper Changi Road East
This is the part where Off PIE Exit 2 and TPE Exit 1, right after below the Upper Changi Flyover where diagonally opposite Tampines Block 353. See Map below;

Date : 16 Jul 2007
Time : 5.22pm


2. Bedok South Ave 1

This is after Exit 7B (Bedok) at the Laguna Flyover from ECP to City. After the turning off from the Exit 7B, when you wanted to keep left and turn left towards Marine Parade Road, those vehicles (2 lanes) from the Slip Road mainly do not even slow down or give way to vehicles on the Main Road.

Should there be a collision, the impact will be very great as those vehicles from the Main Road are actually coming down from the slope.

Here is the map;

3. Republic Boulevard to Ophir Flyover towards ECP

This slip road from Republic Boulevard joining the main road at Ophir Flyover towards ECP has a Green Light only traffic light. So if the traffic is heavy, all it takes is to wait for the traffic light to turn Green. But many (even though they are aware of the traffic light) tend to just squeeze their way out and thus slowing down or halting those vehicles on the main road. The vehicles on the main road are usually accelerating as they are going to climb upslope after this slip road joint.

Here is one example of this Taxi trying to squeeze it's way out. If I didn't horn, it will just turn it's way out 'blindly';

Here is the Map;

Date : 18 Jul 2007
Time : 5.08pm

Monday, July 16, 2007

Stop Cycling On Pedestrian Crossing

Singapore pedestrian crossing width is not as wide as some other countries. In some crossing, pedestrian already have to squeeze through each other path. To make matter worst, there are cyclists and at times even motorbikes to look out for on the same pedestrian crossing. Some ring their bells behind you and some in front of you - expecting you to jump up from the crossing to give way to them. Frankly, I think that in Singapore, a cyclists seem to be the King of the Road. They expect pedestrian and motorists to give way to them from walkway, footpath, void deck, lift, shopping mall to pedestrian crossing, zebra crossing and all roads and expressway!

Finally a former Magistrate, Deputy Public Prosecutor and Legal Officer in the government legal service spoke up on this issue on Weekend Today's paper dated 14 July 2007.

"Cyclists too have their rights, but not along pedestrian crossings.

Let us not wait till someone is badly injured — or killed — by a bicycle." here to see full report from Weekend Today.

Credit : Weekend Today.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

GU325U on ECP

This van GU325U is doing more than 90km/hr and changing lane without signalling. This van is travelling along ECP toward airport before Exit 7.

Date : 9 Jul 2007 (Mon)
Time : 5.11pm

Thursday, July 5, 2007

SFG9665P parked at Holland Grove Road

Stompchaser reported;

This driver parked his or her car along double yellow and jagged yellow lines. How much more lines can you draw in a lane like that to inform that parking is not permitted?

No, driver did not stay in the car but was missing for half an hour while a truck that was trying to leave by the lane sounded its hone incessantly. I am running a fever and sick at home trying to rest, how much worst can things get.

Date: 2007-05-26 afternoon
Place: Holland Grove Road.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

FP5769C at Blk.6 Haig Road

FP5769C was parked at the void deck of Blk.6 Haig Road. Every Sunday, I'm seeing this bike park in the afternoon. The barrier-free linked walkway in this estate are misused by such bikers and cyclists. Very often, you can see motorbikes and cyclists zooming past along the sheltered pedestrian walkway in this estate.

Date : 1 Jul 2007
Time : 12.56pm

This bike again parked at the same place on 8 Jul 2007.
Date : 8 Jul 2007
Time : 1.04pm

This bike is still parking at the same place on 22 Jul 2007 Sunday.
Date : 22 Jul 2007 (Sun)
Time : 12.45pm

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

GT1755K doing more than 100km/hr

This slow vehicle plate van GT1755K was doing more than 100km/hr on the ECP towards Changi Airport before the Exit 2A stretch. The driver was also tailgating and kept changing between lane 2 and 3.

Date : 29 Jun 2007
Time : 5.15pm