Friday, July 27, 2007

LTA to catch errant drivers with Street Cameras

Read a good news from MyPaper yesterday dated 26 Jul 2007 titled "Street cameras to catch errant drivers". It's about LTA intention to install street cameras to capture those motorists who violate traffic rules like straying into bus lanes, park illegally, illegal vehicles modifications, stop or drive where they should not, etc.

Hope that they can place their main emphasis on those who violate traffic rules which will endanger other road users lives like speeding, driving recklessly and those slow vehicles who speed and drive on the overtaking lanes at the expressways, instead of just bus lanes and illegal parking as these can be done by 3rd party wardens.

Credit : MyPaper

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Mockingbird said...

So far, the cameras (the normal ones, not the speed-trap ones)
along our expressways have not been used to nab drivers who exceed the speed limit heh?