Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Slip Road To Main Road

Since Singapore is a Left Hand Drive country, vehicles coming from the Slip Road should Give Way to vehicles on Main Road. Vehicles approaching the joint should slow down or stop completely to give way to vehicles on the Main Road.

The trend seems to have change nowadays as more and more drivers not giving way to vehicles on Main Road and they don't even bother to slow down or take a look on their right at all. Here are some of such roads where you can find such Irresponsible Drivers very often.

1. Upper Changi Road East
This is the part where Off PIE Exit 2 and TPE Exit 1, right after below the Upper Changi Flyover where diagonally opposite Tampines Block 353. See Map below;

Date : 16 Jul 2007
Time : 5.22pm


2. Bedok South Ave 1

This is after Exit 7B (Bedok) at the Laguna Flyover from ECP to City. After the turning off from the Exit 7B, when you wanted to keep left and turn left towards Marine Parade Road, those vehicles (2 lanes) from the Slip Road mainly do not even slow down or give way to vehicles on the Main Road.

Should there be a collision, the impact will be very great as those vehicles from the Main Road are actually coming down from the slope.

Here is the map;

3. Republic Boulevard to Ophir Flyover towards ECP

This slip road from Republic Boulevard joining the main road at Ophir Flyover towards ECP has a Green Light only traffic light. So if the traffic is heavy, all it takes is to wait for the traffic light to turn Green. But many (even though they are aware of the traffic light) tend to just squeeze their way out and thus slowing down or halting those vehicles on the main road. The vehicles on the main road are usually accelerating as they are going to climb upslope after this slip road joint.

Here is one example of this Taxi trying to squeeze it's way out. If I didn't horn, it will just turn it's way out 'blindly';

Here is the Map;

Date : 18 Jul 2007
Time : 5.08pm

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