Monday, July 16, 2007

Stop Cycling On Pedestrian Crossing

Singapore pedestrian crossing width is not as wide as some other countries. In some crossing, pedestrian already have to squeeze through each other path. To make matter worst, there are cyclists and at times even motorbikes to look out for on the same pedestrian crossing. Some ring their bells behind you and some in front of you - expecting you to jump up from the crossing to give way to them. Frankly, I think that in Singapore, a cyclists seem to be the King of the Road. They expect pedestrian and motorists to give way to them from walkway, footpath, void deck, lift, shopping mall to pedestrian crossing, zebra crossing and all roads and expressway!

Finally a former Magistrate, Deputy Public Prosecutor and Legal Officer in the government legal service spoke up on this issue on Weekend Today's paper dated 14 July 2007.

"Cyclists too have their rights, but not along pedestrian crossings.

Let us not wait till someone is badly injured — or killed — by a bicycle." here to see full report from Weekend Today.

Credit : Weekend Today.

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Mockingbird said...

It's a no-brainer to allow cyclists to cycle on pedestrian footpaths.