Friday, October 24, 2008

Motorbike Parked Outside Clinic At Tampines

This bike was parked just outside the entrance to this Neptune Clinic at Block 357 Tampines St.33. Though the rider is a courier but he should still abide by the traffic rules and park at the carpark or loading/undloading bay area. Riding and paring on footpath is a NO NO NO!

Wonder when will the authority take a STERN ACTION against all these bikers?

Date and Time Photo Taken : 18 Jan 2008, 12.06pm

Location : Blk.357 Tampines St.33

Monday, October 20, 2008

YJ6555C Unloading At Void Deck

Even though it is raining, that does not mean one can reverse its vehicle with the protruding back right into the void deck. When it was reversing, no one came down to ensure there was no one behind.

Also once, a similar type of goods vehicles did the same thing and hit the balcony of the unit right on top because the vehicle was too high to be reversed in.

Time and Date Taken : 2.50pm, 15 Jan 2008
Location : Blk.384 Tampines St.32

Monday, October 6, 2008

I'm So Glad That I Was Booked For Speeding!

Yes I was so happy that I was booked for speeding! I'm one who seldom drive more than 90km/h along the expressway unless necessary. I'm one that don't speed unnecessary yet I'm booked. I'm so happy because that may mean that all vehicles going faster than me might have been booked already, probably...

Let's take a look at where I was booked and at what speed am I speeding;

So it's along the Upper Changi Road East towards Loyang (outside the S'pore Expo). See the map below;

View Larger Map

I must have turn right from Xilin Ave to Upper Changi Road East (outside the ITE) towards Loyang and the Traffic Police must have used his camera at the overhead bridge along this stretch of road. There are at least 2 traffic lights along this stretch of road - from junction of Xilin Ave and Upper Changi Road East to the T-junction of Expo Dr and Upper Changi Road East. So it's rather impossible for drivers to go at very high speed and moreover this road is wide enough (at least 3 lanes).

Anyway I admit that I'm in the wrong coz I've exceeded the speed limit of 60km/h. The traffic police caught me speeding at 70+km/h! That's very bad of me so I was fined S$130 and given 4 demerit points! Luckily this time is only serve as an advisory to me and no action will be taken against me. Thank you Traffic Police for your kindness.

So I'm returning the favour by posting here to advise others not to speed.

Note : Maybe the TP should consider posting more cameras or their mobile squad along the expressway to book those slow / heavy vehicles speeding way above their speed limit and even drive along the fast lane. I'm sure those heavy vehicles doing above 90km/h or 100km/h along the expressway on the fast lane is more dangerous than those at 70+km/h along Upper Changi Road East, unless the TP have more than enough manpower.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Scar Left By A Cyclist

Credit : STOMP

The photo shows the scar on the leg left by a cyclist who hit one of them on the pedestrian walkway at Bukit Batok East Avenue 2. Why is the cyclist cycling on the pedestrian walkway in Bukit Batok? And in this case, there is nothing the victim can do. Report to police and what the police can do? No identity of cyclist and no number plate... see full story and feedback comments at STOMP.

Tampines MPs and the other 2 parties that allowed cycling on pedestrian footpath, should read this post in STOMP and their feedback.

Monday, September 8, 2008

SGV6522Y Parked At Motorcycles Lots

The following information was contributed by reader "ohj";

"Time: since 19th August 2008 evening

Location: Bangkit Road

Number plate: SGV6522Y

Car Model: Subaru Impreza

I’ve been observing this driver for a few months. This is not the first time he is parking in the motorcycles lots. When this photo was taken, he had been parking in the lots since 19th August evening time, when the carpark still has lots of empty car slots. So I’ve decided that enough is enough. Put him to shame."

Monday, August 18, 2008

Illegal Parking At Block 437 of Jurong West St 42

Below incident was reported by Ed Roman;

This car was spotted in carpark of Block 437 of Jurong West St 42 at 10.30pm on Sunday 10 August, Not only was he half occupying the handicap lot, he was also half occupying the "Do Not Park" lot, this makes other cars reversing out of the carpark very difficult.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

SGP9292Y At Scotts Road

This driver of SGP9292Y stopped at the Scotts Road bus lane just outside Far East Plaza. Bus 576 had difficulty in entering the bus lane to the bus stop. This car and the taxi behind it also caused traffic to hold up.

Actually traffic at this part was not that heavy but because of drivers like to stop at the road side and bus lane, thus caused the traffic congestion. Relevant authority should do something about it instead of just building ERP that didn't solve the problem. Take a walk here and see what is the actual problem!

Just summon that few black sheep drivers instead of making everyone pay for the ERP charges. Put the traffic warden at the bus stop to book all these drivers.

Video taken on : 29 Dec 2007, 7.45pm

Bikes Parked At Pedestrian Footpath Outside Far East Plaza

Take a look at this stretch of pedestrian footpath outside Far East Plaza from Goodwood Park Hotel at Scotts Road. See the number of bikes parked on the footpath! All of us are aware of it and why didn't the relevant authority do something about it?

Lack of parking spaces in the mall? Lame excuses...even with ample parking lots for bikes like in the heartland, they also parked on the footpath. Whatever the reasons, it's wrong to park or ride the bikes on the footpath. Will the relevant authority please do something about it.

Video Taken On : 29 Dec 2007, 7.40pm

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Motorcyclist Riding On Footpath

This motorcyclist was riding on the pedestrian footpath outside the Eastvale Condo at Pasir Ris Drive 3. The traffic police said that more than 600 have been booked last year (2007) for riding on footpath. This figure definitely is far too little as we still can see many many more motorcyclists riding on the footpath everday, everywhere in Singapore.

Will the relevant authority please put in more serious effort into this before putting the cyclists on the same footpath! Only people who walk on the footpath frequently will understand all these inconveniences.

Video Taken On : 28 Dec 2007, 4.50pm

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Illegal Parking & Stopping At Tampines Ave 2 Double Yellow Lines

This stretch of road near the T-Junction of Tampines Ave 2 and Tampines St.31, just before the traffic light and outside the N2 - You can find vehicles parked or stopped along the side of the road causing traffic to build up especially the buses need to filter out to avoid them.

View Larger Map

Very inconsiderate of such drivers to stop or park along the side of this Tampines Ave 2. Hope the relevant authority can be more hardworking to book such drivers else why paint those Double Yellow Lines. Moreover, this is very near to the traffic light junction. Frankly these are the types of drivers that cause traffic congestion.

Video taken on : 18 Dec 2007, 7.51pm

Monday, July 21, 2008

PA5922L Taking The ECP Fast Lane

This slow vehicle PA5922L tried to cut into my lane in front but failed to and went behind me. Later he drove onto the fast lane (lane 1) of the expressway (ECP towards airport before Rochore Exit). Actually his lane was not obstructed nor slow, and I didn't undertand why he need to take the fast lane.

Video taken on : 18 Dec 2007, 4.57pm

Friday, July 18, 2008

GZ8978G Overloaded

Very often we find lorries or pickups overloaded and some even have part of their load dropped off the road. The relevant authority should be very strict on such overloaded truck as what dropped off on the road may cause accidents especially to motorbikes.

This pickup GZ8978G was found overloaded with leaves and branches at the junction of N2 near the Tampines East CC.

Video taken on : 28 Nov 2007, 5.28pm

Thursday, July 17, 2008

SHD199U Republic Blvd To Ophir Road

View Larger Map

This stretch of road from Ophir Road to ECP (towards Airport), just after the traffic light where it's joined by the Republic Blvd. Very often, vehicles from the Republic Blvd tried to force their way out of the slip road without waiting for their Green Light.

Just like this taxi SHB199U forcing his way out. I wonder if he got turn his head to check whether there were on coming vehicles. LTA already installed that Green Arrow traffic light long ago, and by now many motorists should be aware of it especially taxi drivers.

By forching their way out, the vehicles on the main road have to brake and slow down to give way to them thus resulting in slowing down the traffic. Mind you, not all drivers can brake or slow down in time!

Video taken on : 29 Nov 2007, 5.04pm

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Electric Bicycle On The Road

Look at this cyclist at the Pasir Ris pedestrian crossing. He was cycling an electric bicycle without a protective bicycle helmet which is a must for those riding one on the road. See the Road Traffic (Bicycle) Rules below;




2. In these Rules, unless the context otherwise requires —"bicycle" means a pedal bicycle, a pedal tricycle, a trishaw or a power-assisted bicycle;
"power-assisted bicycle" means a bicycle that is equipped with an electric motor and that may be propelled by muscular power or by the electric motor with which it is equipped, or by both.

13. — (3) Every person who rides a power-assisted bicycle on a road or who is carried as a pillion passenger on a power-assisted bicycle on a road shall wear securely on his head a suitable protective bicycle helmet.

So what's the use of having a rule where people do not obey and no one really enforce it?

Video Taken On : 14 Dec 2007, 11.11am

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Educating The Cyclists?

This is Pasir Ris where cycling on pedestrian footpath is still an offence. Look at this cyclist - cycling on the pedestrian crossing while it was still Red Man, and straight onto the pedestrian footpath. Look at the age of this cyclist...need to educate him on how to cycle correctly? You think he doesn't know it's wrong to cycle on footpath? Come on, you know the answer better.

Video Taken On : 14 Dec 2007, 11.10am

Monday, July 14, 2008

Parking On Double Yellow Lines At Pasir Ris Drive 3

Every Friday afternoon, we can see this long stretch of illegal parking on Double Yellow Lines at Pasir Ris Drive 3. Yes, I do understand that they are going to the mosque but I believed there are ample and enough parking lots in the Multi Storey Carpark Blk.245A just directly opposite the mosque and surrounding nearby MSCP.

View Larger Map

See the video and you will note how long a stretch the illegal parking is every Friday and the jaywalking. Also this will inconvenience the public bus and slow down the traffic there. Maybe the relevant authority should seriously look into all these illegal parking at places of worship.

Video taken on : 30 Nov 2007, 12.49pm

Friday, July 11, 2008

GZ150E Forced Fitlering At Beach Road

Again it is this stretch of Beach Road, immediately after the Junction of Beach Road and Ophir Road towards Keypoint, on the leftmost lane. This driver of GZ150E tried to force filter his way out when his lane got obstructed.

Though he got signaled, but that did not give him the right to just forced his way out as I was too near to him. He should ensure there was no car too close too him before filtering out. Many drivers nowadays simply filter out of their lane when their lane is obstructed without bothering about cars from the other lane.

Such acts only caused traffic congestion and also accidents.

Video Taken On : 27 Nov 2007, 4.59pm

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pickup Stopped Halfway At Carpark Entrance

This was the entrance to White Sand Shopping Mall Carpark. Halfway into the entrance, I saw a pickup stopped there with 1 worker on it. Not so sure what was going on, as there was no one directing vehicles.

Only after I sounded my horn, there was one man in front of the pickup, then stopped the on coming cars for me to move in. Think it was dangerous to do work in such manner without enough manpower to stop and direct in-coming vehicles on both sides.

Video Taken On : 22 Nov 2007, 11.25am

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

SGF9377P Forced Filtering

The driver of this car SGF9377P insisted on filtering or changing lane in front of me. Though she had signaled her intention, but it's too near to me and I had horned to warn her, yet she still tried to speed up and wanted to cut into my lane.

This was the road outside the Singapore Expo or Tampines ITE. It was empty behind me and I wondered why nowadays drivers must filter into your lane in front of you and not behind? Forcing another driver to brake for you to filter is not the correct way of fitlering.

Video Taken On : 22 Nov 2007, 6.16pm

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

SDL400T At Blk.384A MSCP

This car SDL400T was parked in a way at Blk.384A MSCP Tampines St.32 that it left little space for the car next to it. I wonder how the driver of the car next to it get into the car? Drivers should be considerate when parking their cars!

Photo Taken On : 22 Nov 2007, 8.49am

Monday, July 7, 2008

Forced Filtering

This stretch of Beach Road, immediately after the Junction of Beach Road and Ophir Road towards Keypoint, on the leftmost lane - many drivers intentionally (though not all) take this leftmost lane and when their lane got obstructed, forced their way out to the middle lane.

View Larger Map

Some drivers, like this one in the video, think that by signally give them the right to filter out immediately thus forcing drivers in the middle lane to brake for them. Many drivers use this method to "overtake" so that they can be a few seconds faster!

How inconsiderate they can be! Their lane got obstructed, other lanes got to give way to them. It's because of such drivers that caused all the traffic congestions. Frankly if our Traffic Police patrol and book more of such drivers, there is no need to build more ERP gantries. It's the bad driving habits that slow down the traffic.

Video Taken On : 21 Nov 2007, 12pm

Friday, July 4, 2008

Vehicles Again Obstructing Rubbish Truck

Very often we can find inconsiderate drivers parked their vehicles near the HDB Rubbish Chute area. When you tell them off, their usual comments will be "If you horn, I will move my car away" or "Why you so Kaypoh?", etc...Besides all these comments, what else can they say? Definitely they are in the wrong disrupting the work schedule of the workers clearing the rubbish. The workers have a tight schedule to follow and few minutes lost here and there means a lot to them!

Putting the "Fine $1,000, No Parking" serve any purpose? I've yet to see any enforcement of it in the day time. I've only heard enforcement is only in the night time especially midnight.

Video Taken On : 18 Apr 2008, 3.20pm

Thursday, July 3, 2008

SFE3026J Cut Queue At Tampines

This driver wanted to cut queue and did not bother about obstructing traffic who wanted to go straight at this Tampines Ave 1 outside Blk.934 and 935 or Tampines SAFRA. The lane that the driver was occupying was meant for going straight and not a turning lane. This is a common sight at this part of the road, many drivers are aware of it and intentionally cut queue.

Such act always cause heavy traffic jam on the 2nd lane and I hope the relevant authority can book those who causes the jam. Even if one misses the queue line, one can drive forward to the next U-turn or whatever, to make to turn back instead of obstructing traffic. Drivers should rid such inconsiderate acts so that there will be less traffic congestion.

Video Taken On : 19 Nov 2007, 6.11pm

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

SCU6377C Didn't Stop At Zebra Crossing

This driver of SCU6377C didn't bother to slow down and stop at the zebra crossing to give way to pedestrians. As you can see, this family of 3 already stepped on the zebra crossing at the Wet Market of Tampines Mart and the driver just simply zoomed past them!

Most drivers do not seem to stop at the zebra crossing especially the two zebra crossings at Tampines Mart. Pedestrians using these crossings, please be careful.

Video Taken On : 15 Nov 2007, 5.42pm

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Parked At Yellow Zig Zag Line Outside Tampines Mart

Very frequently, I can see vehicles parked at the Yellow Zig Zag line outside the Tampines Mart, Tampines St.34, near the Turf Club and Coffee Shop of Tampines Mart. Most drivers parked their vehicles by the road side to bet at the Turf Club, or eat at the coffee shop or loading and unloading.

This Tampines St.34 is a Single Lane 2-Way street, so if any vehicle parked at the side will force those vehicles coming on the same side to drive into the opposite lane especially big vehicles like bus.

Hope the relevant authority can send more parking wardens to check on this part of the street. Our Neighbourhood Police should also do their part too.

Video Taken On : 17 Nov 2007, 12.45pm

Monday, June 30, 2008

SDV3721U Parked At Double Yellow Lines

The driver of this SDV3721U parked the car at the Double Yellow Lines of Old Airport Road Hawker Centre. Despite seeing me wanted to drive off from the parking lot, the driver just walked away leaving a lady passenger in it. When I horned gently initially, the driver did not even bother to come back and drive it off. After waiting for sometime, and more cars came in and got obstructed, I horned at the car continuously.

Finally the lady passenger alighted and walked slowly to the driver's seat. I was wondering if the passenger can drive, why didn't she help to drive the car earlier? This passenger also taking her own sweet time to move the car forward...

There were plenty of vacant parking lots behind at that time and also ample lots at the Multi Storey Carpark (with lift too), and yet the driver parked the car at the Double Yellow Lines obstructing cars from coming out of the lots. Why??? Inconsiderate, selfish?

Video Taken On : 29 Jun 2008, 11.58am

Friday, June 27, 2008

Contractor Parked At Handicapped Lot

This contractor who was doing some re-tiling works on the floor parked his vehicle at the handicapped lot. His vehicle was not required at all while work was carried out and there is no reason to occupy the handicapped lot. This handicapped lot is at Blk.383 Tampines St.32.

Most contractors who do work for the authority like Town Council, HDB, LTA, etc.. usually do not obey the simple parking rules. You can see most contractors parked their vehicles on grass patches, footpaths, handicapped lots even their vehicles are not required for the job. Wonder why the relevant authority do not send their officers to check on them to ensure work safety. Must we wait till accidents to occur before we use the word "complacency" again?

Photo Taken On : 17 Nov 2007, 9.24am

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Motorbike On Footpath In Tampines

This motorcyclist was riding his bike on the footpath besides the Tampines St.81 at Blk.824. It's a common sight there and in fact most parts of Tampines.

Wondering why the relevant authority is not taking a serious view on this act? What is the use of building those ramps and paths for the elderly and disables when the authority do not take stern action against those motorcyclists who may end up using it?

Video Taken On : 12 Nov 2007, 5.27pm

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

GQ8573M Read & Drive

This driver was seen reading while driving on Xinlin Ave near the Expo. Though it's slowing down while approaching the red light, but one shouldn't read and drive. The driver should concentrate on the road and not get distracted.

Video Taken On : 12 Nov 2007, 5.18pm

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Void Deck Riding At Blk.384 Tampines

This motorcyclist was riding his bike out of the void deck of Blk.384 Tampines St.32. Why must he ride all the way into the void deck? What will happen if every motorbikes start to do the same? Maybe the relevant authority should do something about it.

Video Taken On : 10 Nov 2007, 4.20pm

Friday, June 20, 2008

Reckless Rider On Delivery

Look at this reckless rider on delivery. First he came out of the T-Junction without stopping or slowing down but sped up. Next before the Traffic Light turned Green, he already move on together with the other biker on his left.

Why? What is he trying to prove? Simply reckless...

Video Taken at Tampines St.33 and 32 Junction on 8 Nov 2007, 11.02am

Thursday, June 19, 2008

SGD6605L At Pasir Ris Drive 2

This driver of SGD6605L stopped at the entrance of the Church at Pasir Ris Drive 2. I wonder why didn't he drive right in to alight his passenger so that his car would not obstruct the flow of traffic. Whether it is for a while or not, one should be considerate.

Video Taken On : 3 Nov 2007, 5.05pm

Friday, June 6, 2008

Obstructing The Garbage Truck Again

I really wonder why some drivers are so lazy to park their vehicles at the Multi-Storey Carpark which is just a stone's throw away. Even if they wish to park for free, please park properly so that it won't obstruct others especially the garbage truck, near the HDB rubbish chute area.

I personally find such drivers plain selfish and inconsiderate. See how difficult the garbage truck driver need to reverse park his truck to perform his duty when there is a vehicle obstructing his path.

Location : Blk.383/384 Tampines St.32
Video and Photo Taken On : 28 Oct 2007, from 2.25pm to 3.08pm

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Vehicle Obstructing Garbage Truck

This pickup was parked near the Blk.383/384 Tampines St.32 rubbish chute area on the Double Yellow Lines. It was obstructing the garbage truck movement in performing his duty. Though there is a painted sign on the rubbish chute area "No Parking, Fine $1000", but frankly who will enforce it especially in the day time.

I've seen this so often especially during weekends where inconsiderate drivers parked their vehicles there indiscriminately obstructing the garbage truck. I pity the garbage truck driver as he has a tight schedule to follow and if every block or estate he visits, he meets with such obstruction, then his schedule will be delayed.

If the public bus can be equipped with cameras to deter other drivers from going into the bus lanes, maybe the garbage truck should also be equipped with such cameras too.

Video and photos taken on : 21 Oct 2007, 2.51pm

Thursday, May 29, 2008

SGK3809Z Parked On Pedestrian Footpath At Beach Road

This white vehicle SGK3809Z was parked on the pedestrian footpath at Beach Road just before the St. John Headquarter (outside the Golden Mile Tower) on Friday 23 May 2008 at about 5.35pm.

It was still there (don't seem to have move at all) on 28 May 2008 (Wednesday)! I'm wondering why such a new car was left parked at a pedestrian footpath? Why didn't the Traffic Police or the Police tow it away as it has been there for at least 4 to 5 days.

The other issue is if police or relevant authority takes so long to take action against such illegal parking on footpath, in future more motorists would follow the same like motorbikes parking on footpath. Who would still park in a parking lot as it's free and no one bothers when one parks on a footpath?

Note : I've already sent an email to the Traffic Police regarding this issue.

*** The white car was gone on Thursday 29 May 2008 when I was there at around 5.35pm. Not so sure if it was towed away or driven off by the owner.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Right Way Of Lane Filtering

It seems that nowadays the drivers don't seem to know how to filter or change lane. Either they don't signal their intention at all or they expect other drivers to give way to them immediately once they signal.

They do not understand that signaling is to show their intention to change lane or filter but not their right of way to do so. Moreover, it's the duty of those drivers to see and check whether the other car is too near to give way to you.

I've seen most drivers changing lane or filtering means must overtake and they cannot change lane or filter after you have past by them even though it's safer and clear of vehicles to do so.

Frankly the most common excuses they give is;
- if they signal, ppl will not give way to them.
- not familiar with the road.

But the most common ones are also those who just come out from the slip road to the expressway, and they immediately wanted to filter to the Lane 1 or Fast Lane of the expressway as if looking for a U-turn or turning right!

See the video below and you see how the 2 drivers filter and what are they rushing to the Lane 1 for;

Video taken on : 15 Oct 2007, 5.14pm

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Changi Neighbourhood Police - Where Are You?

On 13 May 2008 at around 5.50pm, I saw a group (about 3) of motorbikes riders parked their bikes at the void deck of Blk.384 Tampines St.32. They were seated at the void deck chairs and tables nearer to the Multi-Storey Carpark.

I called up the Changi Neighbourhood Police Centre at 5.55pm and the lady receiving the call told me that if she can find any police car near the vicinity to be despatched there. I waited.....and waited....and at about 6.21pm, one motorbike left the void deck;

And I'm still waiting for the police patrol car and it's still nowhere in sight. Now the motorbike that left previously came back again at 6.31pm;

More than half an hour and the Changi NPC patrol car still not here and I wonder did they ever appear? They have not given me a call though I have left my numbers behind. During my previous email to Mr.Mah B.T. (MP for Tampines) and I was referred to Tampines NPC. Tampines NPC told me that Tampines Mart is under the purview of Changi NPC. But I'm not sure if Blk.384 is under whose purview - Changi or Tampines? Why make things so complicated for the residents?

All we ask for is a SAFE neighbourhood, and is it so difficult Mr.Mah? There are more and more motorbikes gangs rode and parked their bikes at the void deck of Blk.381, 382, 383 too. In the past, the police patrol car patrolled at the way in but now seldom see them patrol in and just along the loop St.32, 33 and 34. Thus more riders just gather around the void deck table and parked their bikes besides them.

In this case who would park at the MSCP? You park there and have to display coupons and may get summon if expired, but at the void deck - Free and No one bothers!

Note : I've yet to receive any email reply from Changi NPC after the Tampines NPC referred my email to them. You may check out this post.

Video and Photo taken on : 13 May 2008 (Tues) at around 5.55pm to 6.35pm

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

YL5239L On Wrong Side Of Road

This heavy vehicle YL5239L stopped on the wrong side of the road at Aljunied Ave 1 near the Geylang East Swimming Complex. This caused vehicles to move to the other side of the road and against the flow of traffic. Should this resulted in an accident for the driver who move to the other side of the road, who is going to be responsible?

The vehicle did not breakdown as it drove off later on. Also there was another heavy vehicle stopping back to back with this one. They should be more considerate to other road users and stopped at a more appropriate place to do what they wanted to do.

Video Taken On : 2 Nov 2007, 5.18pm