Monday, June 30, 2008

SDV3721U Parked At Double Yellow Lines

The driver of this SDV3721U parked the car at the Double Yellow Lines of Old Airport Road Hawker Centre. Despite seeing me wanted to drive off from the parking lot, the driver just walked away leaving a lady passenger in it. When I horned gently initially, the driver did not even bother to come back and drive it off. After waiting for sometime, and more cars came in and got obstructed, I horned at the car continuously.

Finally the lady passenger alighted and walked slowly to the driver's seat. I was wondering if the passenger can drive, why didn't she help to drive the car earlier? This passenger also taking her own sweet time to move the car forward...

There were plenty of vacant parking lots behind at that time and also ample lots at the Multi Storey Carpark (with lift too), and yet the driver parked the car at the Double Yellow Lines obstructing cars from coming out of the lots. Why??? Inconsiderate, selfish?

Video Taken On : 29 Jun 2008, 11.58am

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