Monday, January 28, 2008

W3939P Leaving Trail Of Cement Behind

This Cement Mixer W3939P was found to 'dump' out cement while driving along Guillemard Road (towards the direction of GrandLink and City Plaza). It was leaving behind a trail of cement on the floor. Luckily no cars or motorbikes were too near to it.

Wonder what will happen when these cement dropped on the ground and hardened? Will it be a hazard to the motorcyclists? No wonder these motorcyclists don't like to ride in the middle of the lane.

Date and Time of Video taken : 25 Jan 2008 (Fri), 5.08pm

Thursday, January 24, 2008

SFZ6495H At Blk.384A Tampines MSCP

This SFZ6495H vehicle was parked in such a way that it occupied the next lot too. Though the car park was not packed, but one should try to park properly within a lot so that it will not inconvenience others.

Date and Time of Photo Taken : 18 Jan 2008 (Fri), 2.03pm

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Doube Yellow Lines Parking And Stopping At Bugis Junction

Every day and anytime, you can find them parking or stopping their vehicles at the double yellow lines at the Bugis Junction. Some even parked or stopped just at the exit of the Bugis Junction carpark where it obstruct those cars coming out from the carpark.

Wonder why enforcement action are not taken there daily? Are the relevant authorities aware of it?

Below you can see the video of how they obstruct vehicles coming out of the carpark at Bugis Junction;

Photo and Video Taken On : 18 Aug 2007 (12.36pm to 12.49pm)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Blue Car At HDB Void Deck

More and more cars are driving up to the HDB Void Deck. As can be seen in this blog, how often I've featured them here at this block Tampines St.32, Blk.383. Yesterday again at this Blk.383, though it was drizzling but it is no excuse to drive up to the Void Deck.

Do we really want to wait for an accident to occur before the relevant authority will act on it.

Date and Time Video Taken : 13 Jan 2008 (Sun), 7.02pm

Monday, January 7, 2008

FW8733Z On Pedestrian Footpath

This motorcyclist is riding his bike FW8733Z on the pedestrian footpath outside Blk.357 Tampines St.33. As seen on the video, not only is he riding on the footpath, he is also riding diagonally across the T-Junction and beating the Red Light. He is doing this almost everyday and about the same time. This is just opposite East Spring Pri Sch and next to the PAP Kindergarten where there are a lot of students and children.

Date and Time of Video Taken : 7 Jan 2008 (Mon), 12.09pm

Note : Feedback to TTC on 8 Jan 2008. TTC replied that they will refer my feedback to LTA on 9 Jan 2008.

LTA replied on 10 Jan 2008 saying that it's under the purview of TP (Traffic Police) and will refer my email to TP. Funny, why didn't the TTC know and refer my email straight to TP instead of LTA?

Friday, January 4, 2008

Car Did Not Give Stop At Pedestrian Crossing When It's Green Man

The above video shows that the driver didn't bother to stop and give way to pedestrian crossing the road when it's Green Man. The driver was 'inching' his/her way thru the crossing as seen in the video. This location is at the T-Junction of Tampines St.34 (at Tampines Mart). This is very common at this T-Junction. I was crossing half-way and this car just zoom past.

The only excuse they can give when you stop them is "Did I hit you?". I wonder if they still remember their Highway Code?

Date and Time of Video Taken : 2 Jan 2008 (Wed), 6.43pm

Thursday, January 3, 2008

GY2194X At Blk.383 Tampines St.32 Void Deck

This vehicle GY2194X was at the void deck of Blk.383 Tampines St.32. Even it was drizzling slightly, there is no reason to park, drive or load/unload at the HDB void deck. The authority should narrow the gap so that vehicles cannot drive up the slope to the void deck. Due to this, there were quite a number of vehicles driving up to this void deck.

Date and Time of Video Taken : 2 Jan 2008 (Wed), 5.23pm

Note : Feedback the above to Tampines Town Council (TTC)on 3 Jan 2008. TTC replied on 8 Jan 2008 that they have taken enforcement action against the driver.