Monday, January 28, 2008

W3939P Leaving Trail Of Cement Behind

This Cement Mixer W3939P was found to 'dump' out cement while driving along Guillemard Road (towards the direction of GrandLink and City Plaza). It was leaving behind a trail of cement on the floor. Luckily no cars or motorbikes were too near to it.

Wonder what will happen when these cement dropped on the ground and hardened? Will it be a hazard to the motorcyclists? No wonder these motorcyclists don't like to ride in the middle of the lane.

Date and Time of Video taken : 25 Jan 2008 (Fri), 5.08pm


esther said...

Hi stomponli, we're the students from NTU who interviewed you some time ago. Would appreciate your help on a matter, have emailed you. Thanks!

stomponli said...

Hi Esther,
Yes already replied.