Monday, September 24, 2007

GU5576D On Pedestrian Footpath At Tampines St.34

This vehicle GU5576D was on the pedestrian footpath of Tampines St.34 just outside the PAP kindergarten Block 358. As can be seen on the video, the vehicle was reversing and without any assistant to direct the pedestrian behind the vehicle. I've spoken to the driver and he admitted that he did not have any approval from any relevant authority for his vehicle to be on the footpath at that moment.

The above photo and video were taken on : 21 Sep 2007 Friday at 5.40pm.

Today 24 Sep 2007 Monday at 2.50pm, I seen the same vehicle GU5576D again parked at the same pedestrian footpath outside the Tampines Block 358 along Tampines St.34. I do not wish to see another fatal accident happened at Simei Eastpoint to be repeated here. It's just outside the kindergarten and there are childcare and schools nearby.

I hope the Town Council will take a serious view on this issue.

Note : Finally the TP has replied today (29 Jan 2008) that they have taken appropriate action against the driver.

SDY9912E and ET3808C at Victoria School Bus Stop

The above 2 vehicles still choose to park or stop near the Victoria School Bus Stop (Marine Parade Road) on Friday. There is a No Waiting Sign as it's near to the bus stop but this is simply ignored especially on every Friday.

Understand that the mosque is just opposite, but safety should not be compromise. Moreover, this is just outside the school and must we wait till there is an accident before we take action? The traffic police should take note of those illegal parking outside places of worship like churches, temples, mosques, etc. to ensure safety of pedestrians.

Why the authorities not taking action on these acts or they are not aware of it?

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Above Video Taken On : 21 Sep 2007 at 1.50pm (Friday)

Friday, September 21, 2007

AZ96A still parked at Tampines Blk 333

This bike has been parking at the void deck of Tampines Blk.333 since April this year. Not only he parked at the void deck, he also ride his bike on the pedestrian crossing and footpath to reach the void deck from Tampines St.34. He is still doing this act as can be seen in my earlier post till now - a daily affair;

Top Above Photo taken on : 21 Sep 2007 (Friday), 7.00am

Note : See previous post on this.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

SCU5685U at Tampines St.34

This car was parked at the side of Tampines St.34 (besides Tampines Mart) and the driver was not in the car. This is a narrow 1 lane 2 way street and and cars stopped at the side will cause traffic obstruction to both sides of the traffic. Many drivers choose to park their cars on these 2 sides just to get to the turf club.

You can see in this video that the bus and another car has to steer into the opposite lane just because of this car parked there.

See map below;

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Video Taken On : 15 Sep 2007, 12.48pm (Sat.)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

SFW6217K at Upp Cross Street

The driver of this SFW6217K stopped and waited at the right lane of Upp Cross St, before the entrance and exit of the Hong Lim Complex Carpark. This caused an obstruction to those vehicles trying to turn into the carpark. Despite my horning, the driver still insisted on waiting though moved slowly forward to allow me turned into the carpark. It's a Double Yellow Line that he was stopping and waiting on the right lane.

See Map;

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Above Video Taken On : 7 Sep 2007 (Friday) at 12.36pm

Java Road Junction Traffic Light

This taxi tried to beat the Filter Green light at the Java Road Junction (before Concourse Bldg), but as there were still pedestrian crossing despite it turned to Red Man. So the taxi was caught in the Yellow Box Junction and obstructing the Main traffic.

Probably the LTA should change the traffic light at Beach Road towards Java Road from just only Filter Green light to the full Red, Orange and Green Filter Lights. There are many occasions where drivers tried to beat the main traffic when the Filter Green light has not turned on, and almost hit those pedestrians crossing the road (Green Man).

See Map Below;

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Video Taken On : 7 Sep 2007 (Friday) at 12.21pm