Monday, September 24, 2007

GU5576D On Pedestrian Footpath At Tampines St.34

This vehicle GU5576D was on the pedestrian footpath of Tampines St.34 just outside the PAP kindergarten Block 358. As can be seen on the video, the vehicle was reversing and without any assistant to direct the pedestrian behind the vehicle. I've spoken to the driver and he admitted that he did not have any approval from any relevant authority for his vehicle to be on the footpath at that moment.

The above photo and video were taken on : 21 Sep 2007 Friday at 5.40pm.

Today 24 Sep 2007 Monday at 2.50pm, I seen the same vehicle GU5576D again parked at the same pedestrian footpath outside the Tampines Block 358 along Tampines St.34. I do not wish to see another fatal accident happened at Simei Eastpoint to be repeated here. It's just outside the kindergarten and there are childcare and schools nearby.

I hope the Town Council will take a serious view on this issue.

Note : Finally the TP has replied today (29 Jan 2008) that they have taken appropriate action against the driver.

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