Tuesday, October 9, 2007

AZ96A Case Closed

Case Reopen on 12 Nov 2007.

Case Closed on 9 Oct 2007.

After my email to HDB to complain, this bike no longer park there 2 days after my email. Today (9 Oct 2007) I've seen the rider on this bike - didn't ride on the footpath and also park at the Multi Storey Carpark!

You may see my previous post on this case.


Jiang Fung said...

One person against so many, not tired?

stomponli said...

Yes, though tired but it's a worthy cause! If we citizens don't do it and care for ourselves and family safety, who will?

stomponli said...

I guess I've to reopen this case again today (12 Nov 2007). See new posting.