Monday, June 30, 2008

SDV3721U Parked At Double Yellow Lines

The driver of this SDV3721U parked the car at the Double Yellow Lines of Old Airport Road Hawker Centre. Despite seeing me wanted to drive off from the parking lot, the driver just walked away leaving a lady passenger in it. When I horned gently initially, the driver did not even bother to come back and drive it off. After waiting for sometime, and more cars came in and got obstructed, I horned at the car continuously.

Finally the lady passenger alighted and walked slowly to the driver's seat. I was wondering if the passenger can drive, why didn't she help to drive the car earlier? This passenger also taking her own sweet time to move the car forward...

There were plenty of vacant parking lots behind at that time and also ample lots at the Multi Storey Carpark (with lift too), and yet the driver parked the car at the Double Yellow Lines obstructing cars from coming out of the lots. Why??? Inconsiderate, selfish?

Video Taken On : 29 Jun 2008, 11.58am

Friday, June 27, 2008

Contractor Parked At Handicapped Lot

This contractor who was doing some re-tiling works on the floor parked his vehicle at the handicapped lot. His vehicle was not required at all while work was carried out and there is no reason to occupy the handicapped lot. This handicapped lot is at Blk.383 Tampines St.32.

Most contractors who do work for the authority like Town Council, HDB, LTA, etc.. usually do not obey the simple parking rules. You can see most contractors parked their vehicles on grass patches, footpaths, handicapped lots even their vehicles are not required for the job. Wonder why the relevant authority do not send their officers to check on them to ensure work safety. Must we wait till accidents to occur before we use the word "complacency" again?

Photo Taken On : 17 Nov 2007, 9.24am

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Motorbike On Footpath In Tampines

This motorcyclist was riding his bike on the footpath besides the Tampines St.81 at Blk.824. It's a common sight there and in fact most parts of Tampines.

Wondering why the relevant authority is not taking a serious view on this act? What is the use of building those ramps and paths for the elderly and disables when the authority do not take stern action against those motorcyclists who may end up using it?

Video Taken On : 12 Nov 2007, 5.27pm

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

GQ8573M Read & Drive

This driver was seen reading while driving on Xinlin Ave near the Expo. Though it's slowing down while approaching the red light, but one shouldn't read and drive. The driver should concentrate on the road and not get distracted.

Video Taken On : 12 Nov 2007, 5.18pm

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Void Deck Riding At Blk.384 Tampines

This motorcyclist was riding his bike out of the void deck of Blk.384 Tampines St.32. Why must he ride all the way into the void deck? What will happen if every motorbikes start to do the same? Maybe the relevant authority should do something about it.

Video Taken On : 10 Nov 2007, 4.20pm

Friday, June 20, 2008

Reckless Rider On Delivery

Look at this reckless rider on delivery. First he came out of the T-Junction without stopping or slowing down but sped up. Next before the Traffic Light turned Green, he already move on together with the other biker on his left.

Why? What is he trying to prove? Simply reckless...

Video Taken at Tampines St.33 and 32 Junction on 8 Nov 2007, 11.02am

Thursday, June 19, 2008

SGD6605L At Pasir Ris Drive 2

This driver of SGD6605L stopped at the entrance of the Church at Pasir Ris Drive 2. I wonder why didn't he drive right in to alight his passenger so that his car would not obstruct the flow of traffic. Whether it is for a while or not, one should be considerate.

Video Taken On : 3 Nov 2007, 5.05pm

Friday, June 6, 2008

Obstructing The Garbage Truck Again

I really wonder why some drivers are so lazy to park their vehicles at the Multi-Storey Carpark which is just a stone's throw away. Even if they wish to park for free, please park properly so that it won't obstruct others especially the garbage truck, near the HDB rubbish chute area.

I personally find such drivers plain selfish and inconsiderate. See how difficult the garbage truck driver need to reverse park his truck to perform his duty when there is a vehicle obstructing his path.

Location : Blk.383/384 Tampines St.32
Video and Photo Taken On : 28 Oct 2007, from 2.25pm to 3.08pm

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Vehicle Obstructing Garbage Truck

This pickup was parked near the Blk.383/384 Tampines St.32 rubbish chute area on the Double Yellow Lines. It was obstructing the garbage truck movement in performing his duty. Though there is a painted sign on the rubbish chute area "No Parking, Fine $1000", but frankly who will enforce it especially in the day time.

I've seen this so often especially during weekends where inconsiderate drivers parked their vehicles there indiscriminately obstructing the garbage truck. I pity the garbage truck driver as he has a tight schedule to follow and if every block or estate he visits, he meets with such obstruction, then his schedule will be delayed.

If the public bus can be equipped with cameras to deter other drivers from going into the bus lanes, maybe the garbage truck should also be equipped with such cameras too.

Video and photos taken on : 21 Oct 2007, 2.51pm