Thursday, November 29, 2007

YJ7750Z At Baghdad Street

This truck was parked at the turning point (junction of Baghdad Street and Haji Lane) to load and unload. This is a Double Yellow Line and by parking at the turning point, drivers turning have a bigger blind angle and it's dangerous for them. Even if there is no spot to load and unload, such a big vehicle should not stop at the turning point and obstruct the view of other drivers.

Here is the location;

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Date and Time Video Taken : 27 Nov 2007 (Tue), 5.00pm

FZ7886G At Blk384

This bike FZ7886G was parked at the void deck of Blk.384 Tampines St.32. The multi storey carpark is just next to it and the rider choose to park at the void deck. If the relevant authority is not going to take stern action against such illegal parking, then who will choose to park at the carpark which cost money?

Note : I've sent an email to the Tampines Town Council on 28 Nov 2007 to feedback on this issue. On 29 Nov 2007, the Tampines Town Council replied that their officer will follow up on the case and enforcement action under the Council's By-law will be taken against the owner of the vehicle. Let's wait and see the outcome.

Date and Time of Photo Taken : 28 Nov 2007 (Wed), 2.23pm

Updated Post on 10 Dec 2007;

This bike FZ7886G is still parking at the void deck of Blk.384 Tampines St.32 on 10 Dec 2007 despite the Town Council reply that the officer will looked into the case since 29 Nov 2007.

Date and Time of Photo Taken : 8 Dec 2007 (Sat) 8.19pm

Note : I've emailed this follow up to Tampines Town Council again and see what is happening.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

SFU5408P Reversing Out

The driver of this vehicle SFU5408P reversed his vehicle from the Pick-Up point at Tampines Mart. Despite the fact that I'm near to his vehicle and had horned at him, he still insisted on reversing.

It's not safe to reverse out in this manner and what he should do is to horn the car in front of him to move on and not stop there. There is a sign there for No Parking and No Waiting. Why reverse and cause a jam behind?

Why inconvenience others to convenience oneself? Isn't this a selfish and inconsiderate act? The vehicle reversing does not have the right of way compared to the one going straight and why insist on your way? Think!

Date and Time Video Taken : 17 Nov 2007 (Sat), 12.44pm

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

GW1614T Exceeding Speed Limit

This Van GW1614T was driving exceeding its stipulated speed limit of 70km/h and even drove on the 1st lane of ECP towards Airport before Marine Parade Exit. The driver was driving at 90km/hr and above in the above video.

Date and Time Video Taken : 19 Nov 2007 (Mon), 5.09pm

Monday, November 19, 2007

GZ8906P On Zebra Crossing

This truck was parked on the Zebra Crossing at the Old Airport Road Hawker Centre. It was obstructing the pedestrian crossing the road. Yesterday (18 Nov 2007)was the Opening Ceremony, and that catering truck was doing loading/unloading at the zebra crossing.

See the video - the pedestrians had to cross in front or behind of the truck. Most of the vehicles also did not stop for the pedestrians to cross. I wonder what is the purpose of this zebra crossing? A Loading/Unloading bay in disguise?

This truck was parked there at the time when the MP, Neighbourhood Police and his 'entourage' was there visiting the stall holders. Whether there is sufficient loading/unloading facilities, we should not allow parking at the zebra crossing.

Date and Time of Video Taken : 18 Nov 2007 (Sunday), 11.50am

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Student Cyclists

This primary school students from East Spring Primary School don't seem to realise that it's dangerous to ride their bicycles in this manner. Not only they endanger themselves, they also endanger the pedestrians on the footpath. Moreover, on the pedestrian footpath near the school, they are suppose to push their bicycle on the footpath instead of riding on it.

Hope that the School Authority can be more strict with their students who are cycling to/fro school. Note : The above 2 pairs of cyclists are not the first time I see them doing such 'stunts'.

Date and Time of Video Taken : 13 Nov 2007 (Tues), 7.12am and 1.02pm

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Motorbike Number Plate

There are more and more motorbikes with number plates that are not properly installed. It's difficult to see the Alphabets and Numbers on the plates especially if these bikes are moving. They are tilted upwards whether intentionally or not, only they know. But why the authority is not taking a stern action against them now? Are these allowed?

If anything happen, be it hit and run or robbery, how the passer-by or witness see the number plate?

Date and Time Photos Taken : 8 Nov 2007 (Thur), 3.03pm

Monday, November 12, 2007

AZ96A Again

Sorry, the video resolution is bad due to recording via handphone;

After my previous complaint to HDB as posted here, this rider has parked in the MSCP. But today again, I saw him riding on the pedestrian footpath (near to East Spring Primary School) in the early morning and again parked at the void deck of the Block 334 Tampines St.34. I've emailed my feedback to HDB and Town Council following this post.

Date and Time of Photo and Video Taken : 12 Nov 2007, 7.08am

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

SGR2187D On Double White Lines

Sometimes I wonder the drivers nowadays understand what is the purpose of those lines painted on the road mean? This driver of vehicle SGR2187D don't seems to understand what is 'Double White Lines' mean at the Simei Avenue/Tampines Ave 5 (PIE towards Changi Airport Exit 4B). Despite my horning at him, he still insisted on cutting across the Double White Lines while filtering from left to right. Not only the driver didn't avoid cutting across the Double White Lines, he also didn't bother to give way to vehicles going straight while filtering.

Date and Time of Video Taken : 5 Nov 2007 (Mon), 5.20pm

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Obstructing Traffic At Changi Village Carpark

This driver left his car at the Changi Village Carpark (Behind Block 5) and caused a beehive jam of traffic. He left his car on the Double Yellow Lines against the flow of traffic and despite the horning, he didn't remove his vehicle asap. Instead he took out a cigarette to smoke and stood there looking.

After I went passed him and made a roundabout turn, he saw me coming and immediately swirled left and blocked my way out.

Date and Time Video Taken : 1 Nov 2007 (Thurs), 12.37pm