Wednesday, November 28, 2007

SFU5408P Reversing Out

The driver of this vehicle SFU5408P reversed his vehicle from the Pick-Up point at Tampines Mart. Despite the fact that I'm near to his vehicle and had horned at him, he still insisted on reversing.

It's not safe to reverse out in this manner and what he should do is to horn the car in front of him to move on and not stop there. There is a sign there for No Parking and No Waiting. Why reverse and cause a jam behind?

Why inconvenience others to convenience oneself? Isn't this a selfish and inconsiderate act? The vehicle reversing does not have the right of way compared to the one going straight and why insist on your way? Think!

Date and Time Video Taken : 17 Nov 2007 (Sat), 12.44pm

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