Monday, November 19, 2007

GZ8906P On Zebra Crossing

This truck was parked on the Zebra Crossing at the Old Airport Road Hawker Centre. It was obstructing the pedestrian crossing the road. Yesterday (18 Nov 2007)was the Opening Ceremony, and that catering truck was doing loading/unloading at the zebra crossing.

See the video - the pedestrians had to cross in front or behind of the truck. Most of the vehicles also did not stop for the pedestrians to cross. I wonder what is the purpose of this zebra crossing? A Loading/Unloading bay in disguise?

This truck was parked there at the time when the MP, Neighbourhood Police and his 'entourage' was there visiting the stall holders. Whether there is sufficient loading/unloading facilities, we should not allow parking at the zebra crossing.

Date and Time of Video Taken : 18 Nov 2007 (Sunday), 11.50am

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