Thursday, May 29, 2008

SGK3809Z Parked On Pedestrian Footpath At Beach Road

This white vehicle SGK3809Z was parked on the pedestrian footpath at Beach Road just before the St. John Headquarter (outside the Golden Mile Tower) on Friday 23 May 2008 at about 5.35pm.

It was still there (don't seem to have move at all) on 28 May 2008 (Wednesday)! I'm wondering why such a new car was left parked at a pedestrian footpath? Why didn't the Traffic Police or the Police tow it away as it has been there for at least 4 to 5 days.

The other issue is if police or relevant authority takes so long to take action against such illegal parking on footpath, in future more motorists would follow the same like motorbikes parking on footpath. Who would still park in a parking lot as it's free and no one bothers when one parks on a footpath?

Note : I've already sent an email to the Traffic Police regarding this issue.

*** The white car was gone on Thursday 29 May 2008 when I was there at around 5.35pm. Not so sure if it was towed away or driven off by the owner.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Right Way Of Lane Filtering

It seems that nowadays the drivers don't seem to know how to filter or change lane. Either they don't signal their intention at all or they expect other drivers to give way to them immediately once they signal.

They do not understand that signaling is to show their intention to change lane or filter but not their right of way to do so. Moreover, it's the duty of those drivers to see and check whether the other car is too near to give way to you.

I've seen most drivers changing lane or filtering means must overtake and they cannot change lane or filter after you have past by them even though it's safer and clear of vehicles to do so.

Frankly the most common excuses they give is;
- if they signal, ppl will not give way to them.
- not familiar with the road.

But the most common ones are also those who just come out from the slip road to the expressway, and they immediately wanted to filter to the Lane 1 or Fast Lane of the expressway as if looking for a U-turn or turning right!

See the video below and you see how the 2 drivers filter and what are they rushing to the Lane 1 for;

Video taken on : 15 Oct 2007, 5.14pm

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Changi Neighbourhood Police - Where Are You?

On 13 May 2008 at around 5.50pm, I saw a group (about 3) of motorbikes riders parked their bikes at the void deck of Blk.384 Tampines St.32. They were seated at the void deck chairs and tables nearer to the Multi-Storey Carpark.

I called up the Changi Neighbourhood Police Centre at 5.55pm and the lady receiving the call told me that if she can find any police car near the vicinity to be despatched there. I waited.....and waited....and at about 6.21pm, one motorbike left the void deck;

And I'm still waiting for the police patrol car and it's still nowhere in sight. Now the motorbike that left previously came back again at 6.31pm;

More than half an hour and the Changi NPC patrol car still not here and I wonder did they ever appear? They have not given me a call though I have left my numbers behind. During my previous email to Mr.Mah B.T. (MP for Tampines) and I was referred to Tampines NPC. Tampines NPC told me that Tampines Mart is under the purview of Changi NPC. But I'm not sure if Blk.384 is under whose purview - Changi or Tampines? Why make things so complicated for the residents?

All we ask for is a SAFE neighbourhood, and is it so difficult Mr.Mah? There are more and more motorbikes gangs rode and parked their bikes at the void deck of Blk.381, 382, 383 too. In the past, the police patrol car patrolled at the way in but now seldom see them patrol in and just along the loop St.32, 33 and 34. Thus more riders just gather around the void deck table and parked their bikes besides them.

In this case who would park at the MSCP? You park there and have to display coupons and may get summon if expired, but at the void deck - Free and No one bothers!

Note : I've yet to receive any email reply from Changi NPC after the Tampines NPC referred my email to them. You may check out this post.

Video and Photo taken on : 13 May 2008 (Tues) at around 5.55pm to 6.35pm

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

YL5239L On Wrong Side Of Road

This heavy vehicle YL5239L stopped on the wrong side of the road at Aljunied Ave 1 near the Geylang East Swimming Complex. This caused vehicles to move to the other side of the road and against the flow of traffic. Should this resulted in an accident for the driver who move to the other side of the road, who is going to be responsible?

The vehicle did not breakdown as it drove off later on. Also there was another heavy vehicle stopping back to back with this one. They should be more considerate to other road users and stopped at a more appropriate place to do what they wanted to do.

Video Taken On : 2 Nov 2007, 5.18pm