Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Motorbikes Riding On Pedestrian Footpath At Tampines Mart

Within a short span of 5 minutes, I've seen 2 motorbikes riding on the pedestrian footpath near Tampines Mart.

Below shows the KFC rider towards the pedestrain crossing. They are usually parked on the footpath outside the KFC;

This next one was riding from the pedestrian crossing towards the footpath to the coffeeshop at Tampines Mart;

I've written to the MP of Tampines, Mr.Mah B.T. and he referred it to Tampines Town Council. TTC again referred my feedback to TP and Tampines NPC. TTC said they will worked closely with Tampines NPC to step up frequent enforcement but that was December 2007. Four months have passed by and I've yet to see any improvement. These riders are still riding and parking on the pedestrian footpath here daily.

With the above video and photos, I've sent another follow-up email to Mr.Mah and TTC today again. Let's wait for their reply.

Photo and Video taken on : 14 Apr 2008 (Mon) at around 6.33pm to 6.35pm

Note : Mr.Mah has referred my email to TTC and Tampines NPC. Tampines NPC called me up and replied me via email as well that the location is under the purview of Changi NPC. They have referred my case to Changi NPC. Waiting for the reply and action.

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