Monday, March 24, 2008

SFS1975J At Void Deck

This car SFS1975J was parked at the void deck of Blk.383 Tampines St.32 on 22 Mar 2008 Saturday. Though it was raining at that time, but there is no reason to park at the void deck. There is no handicapped label on the car and even if there is, does it mean one can park at the void deck? Think!

Note : - Already sent an email to Tampines Town Council on the above issue on 24 Mar 2008.
- Tampines Town Council replied on 28 Mar 2008 that they have issued offence notice to the accused vehicle owner.

Date and Time of Photos Taken : 22 Mar 2008 (Sat.), 4.43pm

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Keep Cyclists Out Of The Pedestrian Footpath - Part 3 Final

...cont'd from Part 2

In this final part, I will tell you my reasons why Cyclists should not be allowed on the pedestrian footpath.

- Before we even consider allow cyclists on the footpath, please revise the Rule 28 of Road Traffic Rules. Will that mere $20 fine deter any cyclists from riding on the footpath? The standard of living has gone up for a long long time and this fine amount seems like still 'living in the past'.

- Currently it's not an offence to cycle across a pedestrian crossing, maybe the authority should include it under Rule 28 or have a separately ruling on this to make cycling across a pedestrian crossing an offence. Let's put some sense across, where do cyclists cycle after the pedestrian crossing? It's definitely back to pedestrian footpath!

- All of us are aware that on the same pedestrian footpath, we can find motorcyclists riding and parking on it. If they are not 'eliminated' from the footpath, why are we adding another group (cyclists) to the same footpath? Are there any more space left for us pedestrians?

- The government already said that our population is aging. The authority has just built many barrier free access for the elderly and physically disabled people to use. If bicycles are allowed to share the same footpath or this barrier free access, I wonder how such elderly and physically disabled people going to defend themselves?

- If there is an accident caused by the cyclists, there is currently no insurance requirement for cyclists - how are they going to compensate the injured if the cyclists are youngsters and foreign workers?

- Not are footpaths in Tampines are as wide as those few near the Tampines Central where they have a separate cycling path besides the pedestrian footpath.

- Not only myself but many others staying in Tampines have yet to see the Cycling Wardens Volunteers besides those photos posted in the Tampines Newsletter. Let's face the fact, we don't even see Traffic Police often in the heartland not to mention volunteers wardens.

- Why not the one who propose sharing the footpath with cyclists take a walk with me round Tampines to see if it's feasible especially during normal school days?

I agreed with Ravi Veloo on the article "The Politics Of Sidewalks" on 15 March 2008 Weekend Today;

Over the past 1 year in Tampines, I've only seen not more than 3 cyclists pushing their bicycles across the pedestrian crossing. Below is one that bother to push it across a pedestrian cross near Ngee Ann Secondary School;

But the rest do they bother to push their bicycles across the pedestrian crossing or give way to pedestrian when crossing;

Most cyclists don't just cycle across the pedestrian crossing recklessly, they also don't bother to give way to pedestrian when they cycle on footpath. The footpath is narrow, and those cyclists can come in front of you and behind you - how can an elderly person or physically handicapped person react in time if the cyclists don't give way?

Some cyclists cycle at the void deck, turning at blind angle, where they may even knock down an elderly or handicapped person.

Tell me - how to share the footpath with the cyclists? Not forgetting the motorcyclists are also there!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Motorbikes On Footpath

Credit : Today, Mediacorp Press

When I read the above report from TP, I can't help wondering how the more than 32,000 summons issued against the bikers for illegally parked on footpath without riding on it? It also said TP had issued more than 600 summons to bikers who rode on footpath.

So about 32,600 (estimate) summons were issued in last year - which means about 2,716 per month and 90 per day. Now if you divide 90 by 28 districts (old 2 digit postal code), each district only 3 summons per day. I'm sure there are more than 3 bikes parked or rode illegally on footpath per day at any district.

So does the 32,600 summons issued over one year means a lot? Definitely NO! Else why are we still seeing so many so doing it? Frankly most knew that the changes of getting booked is very very slim.

Credit : Today, Mediacorp Press

Below are some bikes parked on footpath in the heartland Tampines:

Photo taken on 11 Mar 2008, 3.8pm at Block 201 area in Tampines;

So what's the reason for parking on footpath in the heartland? Lack of parking lots?? Bullshit! So if there are lack of car parking lots, can drivers parked illegally too? If one lack of money, can one rob the bank?

Friday, March 14, 2008

Drive Responsibly

Possible end result of driving irresponsibly;

Credit : Straits Times

Credit : Clancyhong

The only 'fault' of the driver being crushed to death was probably been there at the wrong day and time!

The next time you speed or overtake or drive recklessly - please think of the above photos! Do you want to cause the death of other innocent parties? Will you really be faster by an hour by speeding? Do you think you can really 'multi-task' like Windows by using your handphone and driving at the same time?

Please please Drive Responsibly! We only live once!