Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Motorbikes On Footpath

Credit : Today, Mediacorp Press

When I read the above report from TP, I can't help wondering how the more than 32,000 summons issued against the bikers for illegally parked on footpath without riding on it? It also said TP had issued more than 600 summons to bikers who rode on footpath.

So about 32,600 (estimate) summons were issued in last year - which means about 2,716 per month and 90 per day. Now if you divide 90 by 28 districts (old 2 digit postal code), each district only 3 summons per day. I'm sure there are more than 3 bikes parked or rode illegally on footpath per day at any district.

So does the 32,600 summons issued over one year means a lot? Definitely NO! Else why are we still seeing so many so doing it? Frankly most knew that the changes of getting booked is very very slim.

Credit : Today, Mediacorp Press

Below are some bikes parked on footpath in the heartland Tampines:

Photo taken on 11 Mar 2008, 3.8pm at Block 201 area in Tampines;

So what's the reason for parking on footpath in the heartland? Lack of parking lots?? Bullshit! So if there are lack of car parking lots, can drivers parked illegally too? If one lack of money, can one rob the bank?

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