Thursday, December 27, 2007

FW1915L Parked At Void Deck

This motorbike FW1915L was parked at the void deck of Blk.384 Tampines St.32 despite that the MSCP is just next to it.

Note : An email have been sent to the Tampines Town Council with photo attached on the 27 Dec 2007. Awaiting reply from TTC.

Date and Time of Photo Taken : 26 Dec 2007, 7.17pm

Note : Feedback to TTC on 2 Jan 2008. TTC replied on 4 Jan 2008 that enforcement action have been taken against the rider.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

SFW6745C At MSCP Exit

The driver of this SFW6745C was seen picking up his family members or friends at the Exit of Multi-Storey Carpark (MSCP) at Blk.384A Tampines St.32. One should not stop at the Exit or Entrance of the MSCP or carpark for boarding or alighting as this cause inconvenience to others. One may argue that it's only for a short while, but if everyone is doing the same, it won't be for a short while.

In some early morning peak hour, about 3 to 4 drivers are doing such act at the Exit of this MSCP and thus cause an unnecessary jam or bottleneck at this carpark due to the inconsiderate acts of those drivers.

Pls "Do not Inconvenience others to Convenience yourself"! If it's for a short while only, one should pick up their family members or friends at their respective block downstair or walk to the car together.

Date and Time of Video Taken : 23 Dec 2007 (Sun), 4.56pm

Friday, December 21, 2007

GP271S Hogging On ECP

This van GP271S is hogging on the ECP towards Airport at 60km/h at the 2nd lane. The left lane though is clear and this van refused to move in to the left and obstructing the smooth flow of vehicle on the 2nd lane. This caused the vehicles on the 2nd lane to overtake on this slippery road as it's drizzling.

Though the van is not speeding, but it's only right for the slow vehicle to move to the slow land (left) whenever possible.

Date and Time of Video Taken : 28 Nov 2007 (Wed), 4.45pm

Friday, December 14, 2007

FQ5748H parked at Blk.384 Tampines Void Deck Again

This bike again parked at the void deck of Blk.384 Tampines St.32 on 30 Nov 2007 (Fri) 7.59pm.

This bike was previously seen parking at the void deck of the same block near to the letter box as seen in this previous post on 23 Jun 2007.

Date and Time Photo Taken : 30 Nov 2007 (Fri) 7.59pm.

Note : I've emailed to the Tampines Town Council on this issue on 1 Dec 2007.

On 6 Dec 2007, Tampines Town Council replied that their officer will looked into the matter.

On 11 Dec 2007, Tampines Town Council replied that they have taken enforcement action against the owner.

Monday, December 10, 2007

SGS1228X At Blk.383 Tampines St.32 Void Deck

This vehicle SGS 1228X was spotted at the Void Deck of Blk.383 Tampines St.32 on the 9 Dec 2007 (Sun), 12.10pm. The driver was picking up his/her passengers in the void deck and having done that, reversed the vehicle out. At that time, it was only drizzling slightly and whether or not it pours, one should not drive or park his/her vehicle in the HDB Void Deck.

This is not the first time vehicles have been spotted having driven up to this void deck of Blk.383 Tampines St.32. The reason is that the gap for the handicapped and ambulance roller bed is too wide and the cars are able to pass thru. Maybe the authority should narrow up the gap and at the same time, fine the offenders more and punish them with more demerit points.

There is no reason to be at the void deck for any vehicles unless authorised to do so by the relevant authority.

Date and Time of Video Taken : 9 Dec 2007 (Sun), 12.10pm

Note : I've already feedback to Tampines Town Council on 10 Dec 2007 and waiting for their reply.

On 13 Dec 2007, Tampines Town Council replied that they will look into the case.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

YJ7750Z At Baghdad Street

This truck was parked at the turning point (junction of Baghdad Street and Haji Lane) to load and unload. This is a Double Yellow Line and by parking at the turning point, drivers turning have a bigger blind angle and it's dangerous for them. Even if there is no spot to load and unload, such a big vehicle should not stop at the turning point and obstruct the view of other drivers.

Here is the location;

View Larger Map

Date and Time Video Taken : 27 Nov 2007 (Tue), 5.00pm

FZ7886G At Blk384

This bike FZ7886G was parked at the void deck of Blk.384 Tampines St.32. The multi storey carpark is just next to it and the rider choose to park at the void deck. If the relevant authority is not going to take stern action against such illegal parking, then who will choose to park at the carpark which cost money?

Note : I've sent an email to the Tampines Town Council on 28 Nov 2007 to feedback on this issue. On 29 Nov 2007, the Tampines Town Council replied that their officer will follow up on the case and enforcement action under the Council's By-law will be taken against the owner of the vehicle. Let's wait and see the outcome.

Date and Time of Photo Taken : 28 Nov 2007 (Wed), 2.23pm

Updated Post on 10 Dec 2007;

This bike FZ7886G is still parking at the void deck of Blk.384 Tampines St.32 on 10 Dec 2007 despite the Town Council reply that the officer will looked into the case since 29 Nov 2007.

Date and Time of Photo Taken : 8 Dec 2007 (Sat) 8.19pm

Note : I've emailed this follow up to Tampines Town Council again and see what is happening.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

SFU5408P Reversing Out

The driver of this vehicle SFU5408P reversed his vehicle from the Pick-Up point at Tampines Mart. Despite the fact that I'm near to his vehicle and had horned at him, he still insisted on reversing.

It's not safe to reverse out in this manner and what he should do is to horn the car in front of him to move on and not stop there. There is a sign there for No Parking and No Waiting. Why reverse and cause a jam behind?

Why inconvenience others to convenience oneself? Isn't this a selfish and inconsiderate act? The vehicle reversing does not have the right of way compared to the one going straight and why insist on your way? Think!

Date and Time Video Taken : 17 Nov 2007 (Sat), 12.44pm

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

GW1614T Exceeding Speed Limit

This Van GW1614T was driving exceeding its stipulated speed limit of 70km/h and even drove on the 1st lane of ECP towards Airport before Marine Parade Exit. The driver was driving at 90km/hr and above in the above video.

Date and Time Video Taken : 19 Nov 2007 (Mon), 5.09pm

Monday, November 19, 2007

GZ8906P On Zebra Crossing

This truck was parked on the Zebra Crossing at the Old Airport Road Hawker Centre. It was obstructing the pedestrian crossing the road. Yesterday (18 Nov 2007)was the Opening Ceremony, and that catering truck was doing loading/unloading at the zebra crossing.

See the video - the pedestrians had to cross in front or behind of the truck. Most of the vehicles also did not stop for the pedestrians to cross. I wonder what is the purpose of this zebra crossing? A Loading/Unloading bay in disguise?

This truck was parked there at the time when the MP, Neighbourhood Police and his 'entourage' was there visiting the stall holders. Whether there is sufficient loading/unloading facilities, we should not allow parking at the zebra crossing.

Date and Time of Video Taken : 18 Nov 2007 (Sunday), 11.50am

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Student Cyclists

This primary school students from East Spring Primary School don't seem to realise that it's dangerous to ride their bicycles in this manner. Not only they endanger themselves, they also endanger the pedestrians on the footpath. Moreover, on the pedestrian footpath near the school, they are suppose to push their bicycle on the footpath instead of riding on it.

Hope that the School Authority can be more strict with their students who are cycling to/fro school. Note : The above 2 pairs of cyclists are not the first time I see them doing such 'stunts'.

Date and Time of Video Taken : 13 Nov 2007 (Tues), 7.12am and 1.02pm

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Motorbike Number Plate

There are more and more motorbikes with number plates that are not properly installed. It's difficult to see the Alphabets and Numbers on the plates especially if these bikes are moving. They are tilted upwards whether intentionally or not, only they know. But why the authority is not taking a stern action against them now? Are these allowed?

If anything happen, be it hit and run or robbery, how the passer-by or witness see the number plate?

Date and Time Photos Taken : 8 Nov 2007 (Thur), 3.03pm

Monday, November 12, 2007

AZ96A Again

Sorry, the video resolution is bad due to recording via handphone;

After my previous complaint to HDB as posted here, this rider has parked in the MSCP. But today again, I saw him riding on the pedestrian footpath (near to East Spring Primary School) in the early morning and again parked at the void deck of the Block 334 Tampines St.34. I've emailed my feedback to HDB and Town Council following this post.

Date and Time of Photo and Video Taken : 12 Nov 2007, 7.08am

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

SGR2187D On Double White Lines

Sometimes I wonder the drivers nowadays understand what is the purpose of those lines painted on the road mean? This driver of vehicle SGR2187D don't seems to understand what is 'Double White Lines' mean at the Simei Avenue/Tampines Ave 5 (PIE towards Changi Airport Exit 4B). Despite my horning at him, he still insisted on cutting across the Double White Lines while filtering from left to right. Not only the driver didn't avoid cutting across the Double White Lines, he also didn't bother to give way to vehicles going straight while filtering.

Date and Time of Video Taken : 5 Nov 2007 (Mon), 5.20pm

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Obstructing Traffic At Changi Village Carpark

This driver left his car at the Changi Village Carpark (Behind Block 5) and caused a beehive jam of traffic. He left his car on the Double Yellow Lines against the flow of traffic and despite the horning, he didn't remove his vehicle asap. Instead he took out a cigarette to smoke and stood there looking.

After I went passed him and made a roundabout turn, he saw me coming and immediately swirled left and blocked my way out.

Date and Time Video Taken : 1 Nov 2007 (Thurs), 12.37pm

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Glaring Headlights

I hate it when those drivers behind highbeam their headlights and foglights. Their light beam right into your car and brighten it up and glare fiercely at your rear mirror. I wonder why these drivers don't feel a thing?

Date and Time Taken : 6 Sep 2007, 7.32pm

Thursday, October 25, 2007

SHA748B Didn't Give Way

This yellow taxi SHA748B was coming out from the slip road Republic Boulevard to the main road Ophir Flyover, and then towards ECP. The taxi driver didn't slow down nor stop to give way to vehicles on the main road. Look at the video, did the driver bother to look right for any oncoming vehicles?

See my previous post on this stretch of road.

Date and Time of Video taken : 24 October 2007 (Wed), 5.05pm

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

AZ96A Case Closed

Case Reopen on 12 Nov 2007.

Case Closed on 9 Oct 2007.

After my email to HDB to complain, this bike no longer park there 2 days after my email. Today (9 Oct 2007) I've seen the rider on this bike - didn't ride on the footpath and also park at the Multi Storey Carpark!

You may see my previous post on this case.

Monday, September 24, 2007

GU5576D On Pedestrian Footpath At Tampines St.34

This vehicle GU5576D was on the pedestrian footpath of Tampines St.34 just outside the PAP kindergarten Block 358. As can be seen on the video, the vehicle was reversing and without any assistant to direct the pedestrian behind the vehicle. I've spoken to the driver and he admitted that he did not have any approval from any relevant authority for his vehicle to be on the footpath at that moment.

The above photo and video were taken on : 21 Sep 2007 Friday at 5.40pm.

Today 24 Sep 2007 Monday at 2.50pm, I seen the same vehicle GU5576D again parked at the same pedestrian footpath outside the Tampines Block 358 along Tampines St.34. I do not wish to see another fatal accident happened at Simei Eastpoint to be repeated here. It's just outside the kindergarten and there are childcare and schools nearby.

I hope the Town Council will take a serious view on this issue.

Note : Finally the TP has replied today (29 Jan 2008) that they have taken appropriate action against the driver.

SDY9912E and ET3808C at Victoria School Bus Stop

The above 2 vehicles still choose to park or stop near the Victoria School Bus Stop (Marine Parade Road) on Friday. There is a No Waiting Sign as it's near to the bus stop but this is simply ignored especially on every Friday.

Understand that the mosque is just opposite, but safety should not be compromise. Moreover, this is just outside the school and must we wait till there is an accident before we take action? The traffic police should take note of those illegal parking outside places of worship like churches, temples, mosques, etc. to ensure safety of pedestrians.

Why the authorities not taking action on these acts or they are not aware of it?

Link to Google Map;

View Larger Map

Above Video Taken On : 21 Sep 2007 at 1.50pm (Friday)

Friday, September 21, 2007

AZ96A still parked at Tampines Blk 333

This bike has been parking at the void deck of Tampines Blk.333 since April this year. Not only he parked at the void deck, he also ride his bike on the pedestrian crossing and footpath to reach the void deck from Tampines St.34. He is still doing this act as can be seen in my earlier post till now - a daily affair;

Top Above Photo taken on : 21 Sep 2007 (Friday), 7.00am

Note : See previous post on this.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

SCU5685U at Tampines St.34

This car was parked at the side of Tampines St.34 (besides Tampines Mart) and the driver was not in the car. This is a narrow 1 lane 2 way street and and cars stopped at the side will cause traffic obstruction to both sides of the traffic. Many drivers choose to park their cars on these 2 sides just to get to the turf club.

You can see in this video that the bus and another car has to steer into the opposite lane just because of this car parked there.

See map below;

View Larger Map

Video Taken On : 15 Sep 2007, 12.48pm (Sat.)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

SFW6217K at Upp Cross Street

The driver of this SFW6217K stopped and waited at the right lane of Upp Cross St, before the entrance and exit of the Hong Lim Complex Carpark. This caused an obstruction to those vehicles trying to turn into the carpark. Despite my horning, the driver still insisted on waiting though moved slowly forward to allow me turned into the carpark. It's a Double Yellow Line that he was stopping and waiting on the right lane.

See Map;

View Larger Map

Above Video Taken On : 7 Sep 2007 (Friday) at 12.36pm

Java Road Junction Traffic Light

This taxi tried to beat the Filter Green light at the Java Road Junction (before Concourse Bldg), but as there were still pedestrian crossing despite it turned to Red Man. So the taxi was caught in the Yellow Box Junction and obstructing the Main traffic.

Probably the LTA should change the traffic light at Beach Road towards Java Road from just only Filter Green light to the full Red, Orange and Green Filter Lights. There are many occasions where drivers tried to beat the main traffic when the Filter Green light has not turned on, and almost hit those pedestrians crossing the road (Green Man).

See Map Below;

View Larger Map

Video Taken On : 7 Sep 2007 (Friday) at 12.21pm

Monday, August 27, 2007

GU8924M Did Not Give Way

This van GU8924M is coming out from the slip road to main road (Bedok Sth Ave 1) at the Laguna Flyover near to the traffic light junction. Despite my continuous horning at him, he didn't even bother to slow down and give way to traffic from the main road. If I didn't step on my brake and slow down, what will happen?

Is there a change in Singapore traffic rule? Main road traffic giving ways to slip road traffic? Suggest to Traffic Police if they catch such drivers who didn't bother to give way to vehicles on the main road and they don't even bother to slow down, best is to suspend their license and ask them to retake their highway code.

Date of Video taken : 25 Aug 2007 Saturday
Time of Video taken : 4.39pm

Location Map;

View Larger Map

Friday, August 24, 2007

GM7005P - Handphone Driving

Handphone driving seems to be back again and happening very common nowadays! Why? Probably police are not enforcing the law seriously now as the campaign is over (I think)...Very often I see drivers using their phone on one hand and the other hand driving.

I saw this driver of a pickup (GM7005P) yesterday at the Rochor Road (just off the ECP Sheares Bridge) turning right towards Beach Road (opp. Gateway Buidling) using his handphone while driving. He was using his right hand to hold the phone and the other hand driving.

View Larger Map

Date of photo taken : 23 Aug 2007, Thursday
Time of photo taken : 4.47pm
Location : From Rochor Road (Off ECP Sheares Bridge) to Beach Road Junction.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Vehicles parked illegally at and near Bus Stop or Lane

Every Friday, those roads (Siglap Link and nearby) and bus stops/lanes outside Victoria School are full of illegally parked and dangerously parked vehicles. You may find cars, private buses parked at bus lane or bus stop outside the Victoria School; also motorbikes parked on the grass patch and pedestrian footpath; some vehicles were also parking on the grass patch.

The LTA spent so much money to send drivers and motorists colorful and beautiful brochures on the Bus Lane Scheme in Mar/April 2007, but are these being enforced on all the bus lanes? These illegal parkings are committed every Friday not once a year where we can just give and take - I repeat every Friday. And these are just outside the School, in a school zone! Safety should not be compromised. The relevant authority should regulate on all illegal parkings outside all places of worship like churches, temples, mosques, etc. to ensure safety of the pedestrians and other road users.

Let me show you a series of photos and videos of the offenses committed below;

Photo 2 Below;
Taken on 17 Aug 2007, 1.49pm
Location : Outside Victoria School Bus Stop

Note : After the 1 April 2007 Bus Lane rule implementation.

And below is the Video 1 showing the vehicles including private buses parked near the bus stop and bus lane;

After U turn, the whole stretch of road (outside the Mosque) is full of illegally parked vehicles on Double Yellow Lines, Motorbikes on pedestrian footpath and Jay Walkers. You may see the Video 2 below;

Below you can see 2 taxis parked at the bus lane at the bus stop opposite to Victoria School;
Date : 17 Aug 2007, 1.51pm

After the Bus Stop, you can see those vehicles parked illegally on the grass patch;

Here is the photo;
Date : 17 Aug 2007, 1.53pm

Photo 1 Below;
Taken on 23 Mar 2007, 1.45pm
Location : Outside Victoria School Bus Stop

Note : This was before the new bus lane rule implemented on 1 April 2007.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

FT4346A at Tampines Blk 382

This bike is still parking there today (29 Aug 07). It has parked there for almost 7 weeks already.

Date of above photo taken : 29 Aug 2007
Time of above photo taken : 7.13am

This bike FT4346A has been parking at the side of the void deck of Tampines Blk.382 (from before National Day to after until now) daily.

Date : 10 Aug 2007
Time : 6.10pm

Monday, August 13, 2007

Cyclist at Old Airport Road Hawker Centre

This cyclist is not pushing his bike on the footpath but trying to squeeze thru the narrow passage of the walkway despite the fact that a family of four were walking towards him. This is located at the footpath towards the Multi Storey Carpark besides the Old Airport Road Hawker Centre.

This is not Tampines where cyclists are allowed to share the footpath of pedestrian. See - before you legalised it, they already break the law and rule and everyone knows. I wonder why accommodate those who break the law? Putting these cyclists on the footpath is shifting the problem from the road to the footpath.

Date : 12 Aug 2007
Time : 11.32am

Thursday, August 2, 2007

SFN9358P from Slip Road to Main Road

This car SFN9358P simply just follow the front black car from the slip road to the main road without even slow down or give way to vehicles on the main road it's adjoining.

This is the same location as mentioned in my earlier post at Upper Changi Road East.

Friday, July 27, 2007

LTA to catch errant drivers with Street Cameras

Read a good news from MyPaper yesterday dated 26 Jul 2007 titled "Street cameras to catch errant drivers". It's about LTA intention to install street cameras to capture those motorists who violate traffic rules like straying into bus lanes, park illegally, illegal vehicles modifications, stop or drive where they should not, etc.

Hope that they can place their main emphasis on those who violate traffic rules which will endanger other road users lives like speeding, driving recklessly and those slow vehicles who speed and drive on the overtaking lanes at the expressways, instead of just bus lanes and illegal parking as these can be done by 3rd party wardens.

Credit : MyPaper

Friday, July 20, 2007

SGJ8250G on ECP to Xilin Avenue

SBJ8250G jumped queue and cut into people's lane. Last minute filtering into the left lane even though signaled but does not give one right to do so without ensuring it's safe to do so. This is at the Exit 2B off ECP to Xilin Avenue.

After exiting to the main road, this driver immediately filtered to the right lane without slowing down.

Here is the location map;

Many drivers who wanted to exit off the expressway don't queue up and do last minute filtering to jump or cut queue.

Date : 18 Jul 2007
Time : 5.18pm

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Slip Road To Main Road

Since Singapore is a Left Hand Drive country, vehicles coming from the Slip Road should Give Way to vehicles on Main Road. Vehicles approaching the joint should slow down or stop completely to give way to vehicles on the Main Road.

The trend seems to have change nowadays as more and more drivers not giving way to vehicles on Main Road and they don't even bother to slow down or take a look on their right at all. Here are some of such roads where you can find such Irresponsible Drivers very often.

1. Upper Changi Road East
This is the part where Off PIE Exit 2 and TPE Exit 1, right after below the Upper Changi Flyover where diagonally opposite Tampines Block 353. See Map below;

Date : 16 Jul 2007
Time : 5.22pm


2. Bedok South Ave 1

This is after Exit 7B (Bedok) at the Laguna Flyover from ECP to City. After the turning off from the Exit 7B, when you wanted to keep left and turn left towards Marine Parade Road, those vehicles (2 lanes) from the Slip Road mainly do not even slow down or give way to vehicles on the Main Road.

Should there be a collision, the impact will be very great as those vehicles from the Main Road are actually coming down from the slope.

Here is the map;

3. Republic Boulevard to Ophir Flyover towards ECP

This slip road from Republic Boulevard joining the main road at Ophir Flyover towards ECP has a Green Light only traffic light. So if the traffic is heavy, all it takes is to wait for the traffic light to turn Green. But many (even though they are aware of the traffic light) tend to just squeeze their way out and thus slowing down or halting those vehicles on the main road. The vehicles on the main road are usually accelerating as they are going to climb upslope after this slip road joint.

Here is one example of this Taxi trying to squeeze it's way out. If I didn't horn, it will just turn it's way out 'blindly';

Here is the Map;

Date : 18 Jul 2007
Time : 5.08pm

Monday, July 16, 2007

Stop Cycling On Pedestrian Crossing

Singapore pedestrian crossing width is not as wide as some other countries. In some crossing, pedestrian already have to squeeze through each other path. To make matter worst, there are cyclists and at times even motorbikes to look out for on the same pedestrian crossing. Some ring their bells behind you and some in front of you - expecting you to jump up from the crossing to give way to them. Frankly, I think that in Singapore, a cyclists seem to be the King of the Road. They expect pedestrian and motorists to give way to them from walkway, footpath, void deck, lift, shopping mall to pedestrian crossing, zebra crossing and all roads and expressway!

Finally a former Magistrate, Deputy Public Prosecutor and Legal Officer in the government legal service spoke up on this issue on Weekend Today's paper dated 14 July 2007.

"Cyclists too have their rights, but not along pedestrian crossings.

Let us not wait till someone is badly injured — or killed — by a bicycle." here to see full report from Weekend Today.

Credit : Weekend Today.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

GU325U on ECP

This van GU325U is doing more than 90km/hr and changing lane without signalling. This van is travelling along ECP toward airport before Exit 7.

Date : 9 Jul 2007 (Mon)
Time : 5.11pm

Thursday, July 5, 2007

SFG9665P parked at Holland Grove Road

Stompchaser reported;

This driver parked his or her car along double yellow and jagged yellow lines. How much more lines can you draw in a lane like that to inform that parking is not permitted?

No, driver did not stay in the car but was missing for half an hour while a truck that was trying to leave by the lane sounded its hone incessantly. I am running a fever and sick at home trying to rest, how much worst can things get.

Date: 2007-05-26 afternoon
Place: Holland Grove Road.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

FP5769C at Blk.6 Haig Road

FP5769C was parked at the void deck of Blk.6 Haig Road. Every Sunday, I'm seeing this bike park in the afternoon. The barrier-free linked walkway in this estate are misused by such bikers and cyclists. Very often, you can see motorbikes and cyclists zooming past along the sheltered pedestrian walkway in this estate.

Date : 1 Jul 2007
Time : 12.56pm

This bike again parked at the same place on 8 Jul 2007.
Date : 8 Jul 2007
Time : 1.04pm

This bike is still parking at the same place on 22 Jul 2007 Sunday.
Date : 22 Jul 2007 (Sun)
Time : 12.45pm