Monday, August 27, 2007

GU8924M Did Not Give Way

This van GU8924M is coming out from the slip road to main road (Bedok Sth Ave 1) at the Laguna Flyover near to the traffic light junction. Despite my continuous horning at him, he didn't even bother to slow down and give way to traffic from the main road. If I didn't step on my brake and slow down, what will happen?

Is there a change in Singapore traffic rule? Main road traffic giving ways to slip road traffic? Suggest to Traffic Police if they catch such drivers who didn't bother to give way to vehicles on the main road and they don't even bother to slow down, best is to suspend their license and ask them to retake their highway code.

Date of Video taken : 25 Aug 2007 Saturday
Time of Video taken : 4.39pm

Location Map;

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Mockingbird said...

Asshole van driver.

Mockingbird said...

If you didn't jam your brakes, you would have bumped into the van.

stomponli said...

In fact, lots of drivers nowadays don't give way when they are coming out from slip road to main road. They expect those from the main road to slow down, look out for them and give way to them!

They didn't know that Singapore is Right Hand Drive and so give way to vehicles on your right!

Mockingbird said...
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Mockingbird said...

Rule of thumb: Give way to vehicles on your right. But obviously this rule doesn't apply to these drivers who charge onto the expressways and expect other vehicles to slow down for for them while they filter into the expressway :(