Tuesday, August 14, 2007

FT4346A at Tampines Blk 382

This bike is still parking there today (29 Aug 07). It has parked there for almost 7 weeks already.

Date of above photo taken : 29 Aug 2007
Time of above photo taken : 7.13am

This bike FT4346A has been parking at the side of the void deck of Tampines Blk.382 (from before National Day to after until now) daily.

Date : 10 Aug 2007
Time : 6.10pm


Mockingbird said...

If it obstructs your way, you should push & make it fall on its side, so that it can cause a bigger obstruction :p

stomponli said...

The Town Council has settled it and it finally know that the Multi Storey Carpark is meant for parking and not decoration.