Friday, August 24, 2007

GM7005P - Handphone Driving

Handphone driving seems to be back again and happening very common nowadays! Why? Probably police are not enforcing the law seriously now as the campaign is over (I think)...Very often I see drivers using their phone on one hand and the other hand driving.

I saw this driver of a pickup (GM7005P) yesterday at the Rochor Road (just off the ECP Sheares Bridge) turning right towards Beach Road (opp. Gateway Buidling) using his handphone while driving. He was using his right hand to hold the phone and the other hand driving.

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Date of photo taken : 23 Aug 2007, Thursday
Time of photo taken : 4.47pm
Location : From Rochor Road (Off ECP Sheares Bridge) to Beach Road Junction.

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Mockingbird said...

You should send this video to TP and get them to nail the pick-up driver's ass.