Wednesday, July 4, 2007

FP5769C at Blk.6 Haig Road

FP5769C was parked at the void deck of Blk.6 Haig Road. Every Sunday, I'm seeing this bike park in the afternoon. The barrier-free linked walkway in this estate are misused by such bikers and cyclists. Very often, you can see motorbikes and cyclists zooming past along the sheltered pedestrian walkway in this estate.

Date : 1 Jul 2007
Time : 12.56pm

This bike again parked at the same place on 8 Jul 2007.
Date : 8 Jul 2007
Time : 1.04pm

This bike is still parking at the same place on 22 Jul 2007 Sunday.
Date : 22 Jul 2007 (Sun)
Time : 12.45pm

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