Monday, May 26, 2008

Right Way Of Lane Filtering

It seems that nowadays the drivers don't seem to know how to filter or change lane. Either they don't signal their intention at all or they expect other drivers to give way to them immediately once they signal.

They do not understand that signaling is to show their intention to change lane or filter but not their right of way to do so. Moreover, it's the duty of those drivers to see and check whether the other car is too near to give way to you.

I've seen most drivers changing lane or filtering means must overtake and they cannot change lane or filter after you have past by them even though it's safer and clear of vehicles to do so.

Frankly the most common excuses they give is;
- if they signal, ppl will not give way to them.
- not familiar with the road.

But the most common ones are also those who just come out from the slip road to the expressway, and they immediately wanted to filter to the Lane 1 or Fast Lane of the expressway as if looking for a U-turn or turning right!

See the video below and you see how the 2 drivers filter and what are they rushing to the Lane 1 for;

Video taken on : 15 Oct 2007, 5.14pm

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