Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Parked At Yellow Zig Zag Line Outside Tampines Mart

Very frequently, I can see vehicles parked at the Yellow Zig Zag line outside the Tampines Mart, Tampines St.34, near the Turf Club and Coffee Shop of Tampines Mart. Most drivers parked their vehicles by the road side to bet at the Turf Club, or eat at the coffee shop or loading and unloading.

This Tampines St.34 is a Single Lane 2-Way street, so if any vehicle parked at the side will force those vehicles coming on the same side to drive into the opposite lane especially big vehicles like bus.

Hope the relevant authority can send more parking wardens to check on this part of the street. Our Neighbourhood Police should also do their part too.

Video Taken On : 17 Nov 2007, 12.45pm

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