Thursday, July 17, 2008

SHD199U Republic Blvd To Ophir Road

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This stretch of road from Ophir Road to ECP (towards Airport), just after the traffic light where it's joined by the Republic Blvd. Very often, vehicles from the Republic Blvd tried to force their way out of the slip road without waiting for their Green Light.

Just like this taxi SHB199U forcing his way out. I wonder if he got turn his head to check whether there were on coming vehicles. LTA already installed that Green Arrow traffic light long ago, and by now many motorists should be aware of it especially taxi drivers.

By forching their way out, the vehicles on the main road have to brake and slow down to give way to them thus resulting in slowing down the traffic. Mind you, not all drivers can brake or slow down in time!

Video taken on : 29 Nov 2007, 5.04pm

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