Monday, July 7, 2008

Forced Filtering

This stretch of Beach Road, immediately after the Junction of Beach Road and Ophir Road towards Keypoint, on the leftmost lane - many drivers intentionally (though not all) take this leftmost lane and when their lane got obstructed, forced their way out to the middle lane.

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Some drivers, like this one in the video, think that by signally give them the right to filter out immediately thus forcing drivers in the middle lane to brake for them. Many drivers use this method to "overtake" so that they can be a few seconds faster!

How inconsiderate they can be! Their lane got obstructed, other lanes got to give way to them. It's because of such drivers that caused all the traffic congestions. Frankly if our Traffic Police patrol and book more of such drivers, there is no need to build more ERP gantries. It's the bad driving habits that slow down the traffic.

Video Taken On : 21 Nov 2007, 12pm

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