Friday, July 4, 2008

Vehicles Again Obstructing Rubbish Truck

Very often we can find inconsiderate drivers parked their vehicles near the HDB Rubbish Chute area. When you tell them off, their usual comments will be "If you horn, I will move my car away" or "Why you so Kaypoh?", etc...Besides all these comments, what else can they say? Definitely they are in the wrong disrupting the work schedule of the workers clearing the rubbish. The workers have a tight schedule to follow and few minutes lost here and there means a lot to them!

Putting the "Fine $1,000, No Parking" serve any purpose? I've yet to see any enforcement of it in the day time. I've only heard enforcement is only in the night time especially midnight.

Video Taken On : 18 Apr 2008, 3.20pm

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