Thursday, July 3, 2008

SFE3026J Cut Queue At Tampines

This driver wanted to cut queue and did not bother about obstructing traffic who wanted to go straight at this Tampines Ave 1 outside Blk.934 and 935 or Tampines SAFRA. The lane that the driver was occupying was meant for going straight and not a turning lane. This is a common sight at this part of the road, many drivers are aware of it and intentionally cut queue.

Such act always cause heavy traffic jam on the 2nd lane and I hope the relevant authority can book those who causes the jam. Even if one misses the queue line, one can drive forward to the next U-turn or whatever, to make to turn back instead of obstructing traffic. Drivers should rid such inconsiderate acts so that there will be less traffic congestion.

Video Taken On : 19 Nov 2007, 6.11pm

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