Friday, July 11, 2008

GZ150E Forced Fitlering At Beach Road

Again it is this stretch of Beach Road, immediately after the Junction of Beach Road and Ophir Road towards Keypoint, on the leftmost lane. This driver of GZ150E tried to force filter his way out when his lane got obstructed.

Though he got signaled, but that did not give him the right to just forced his way out as I was too near to him. He should ensure there was no car too close too him before filtering out. Many drivers nowadays simply filter out of their lane when their lane is obstructed without bothering about cars from the other lane.

Such acts only caused traffic congestion and also accidents.

Video Taken On : 27 Nov 2007, 4.59pm

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blah blah said...

You should've shown courtesy and let him in.What about people filming others while driving??...very very dangerous!!