Monday, October 6, 2008

I'm So Glad That I Was Booked For Speeding!

Yes I was so happy that I was booked for speeding! I'm one who seldom drive more than 90km/h along the expressway unless necessary. I'm one that don't speed unnecessary yet I'm booked. I'm so happy because that may mean that all vehicles going faster than me might have been booked already, probably...

Let's take a look at where I was booked and at what speed am I speeding;

So it's along the Upper Changi Road East towards Loyang (outside the S'pore Expo). See the map below;

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I must have turn right from Xilin Ave to Upper Changi Road East (outside the ITE) towards Loyang and the Traffic Police must have used his camera at the overhead bridge along this stretch of road. There are at least 2 traffic lights along this stretch of road - from junction of Xilin Ave and Upper Changi Road East to the T-junction of Expo Dr and Upper Changi Road East. So it's rather impossible for drivers to go at very high speed and moreover this road is wide enough (at least 3 lanes).

Anyway I admit that I'm in the wrong coz I've exceeded the speed limit of 60km/h. The traffic police caught me speeding at 70+km/h! That's very bad of me so I was fined S$130 and given 4 demerit points! Luckily this time is only serve as an advisory to me and no action will be taken against me. Thank you Traffic Police for your kindness.

So I'm returning the favour by posting here to advise others not to speed.

Note : Maybe the TP should consider posting more cameras or their mobile squad along the expressway to book those slow / heavy vehicles speeding way above their speed limit and even drive along the fast lane. I'm sure those heavy vehicles doing above 90km/h or 100km/h along the expressway on the fast lane is more dangerous than those at 70+km/h along Upper Changi Road East, unless the TP have more than enough manpower.

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