Thursday, September 25, 2008

Scar Left By A Cyclist

Credit : STOMP

The photo shows the scar on the leg left by a cyclist who hit one of them on the pedestrian walkway at Bukit Batok East Avenue 2. Why is the cyclist cycling on the pedestrian walkway in Bukit Batok? And in this case, there is nothing the victim can do. Report to police and what the police can do? No identity of cyclist and no number plate... see full story and feedback comments at STOMP.

Tampines MPs and the other 2 parties that allowed cycling on pedestrian footpath, should read this post in STOMP and their feedback.


Adam said...

An obvious point perhaps, but an important one:

As a cyclist, streets are easily a better place to cycle than pavements. They allow you a free flow without having to slow down all the time for pedestrians and side roads.

In my experience, cyclists use the pavements when they feel the roads are dangerous. And the best way to encourage cyclists to use the roads rather the pavements is simply to make the roads safe for cyclists.

There are numerous ways to do this: slow the traffic down via slower roadway design, install segregated cycle lanes with a buffer between bikes and cars, create bicycle shortcuts to encourage more people onto bikes (the more people who cycle, the safer it becomes)...

Criticising someone for riding on the pavement when the problem appears to be the unsafe roads is like criticising someone for running in a school corridor when they're actually running from a gun-toting maniac. Think about it.

Teaching My Kids said...

I guess the situation in Singapore is extremely different from other countries. Look at majority of the cyclists - the way they cycle on the pavement and on the road.