Monday, September 8, 2008

SGV6522Y Parked At Motorcycles Lots

The following information was contributed by reader "ohj";

"Time: since 19th August 2008 evening

Location: Bangkit Road

Number plate: SGV6522Y

Car Model: Subaru Impreza

I’ve been observing this driver for a few months. This is not the first time he is parking in the motorcycles lots. When this photo was taken, he had been parking in the lots since 19th August evening time, when the carpark still has lots of empty car slots. So I’ve decided that enough is enough. Put him to shame."


Hermit said...

hi, your blog is interesting but doesnt applaud me.
yes, those motorist might be a hazard or caused inconvience to road users, but that doesnt mean that they should be justified in this manner.
this about the driver/rider of the vehicle. what if the person isnt one responsible for the actions that are posted up by you? it might be another person driving or riding the the vehicle. does that do justice to the person or anyone?
no... leave out the vehicle number. unless you can get the person who is the culprit. but i dont condone that too.
well... who doesnt cause any inconvience to road users while using the road?
i'm sure you do, cause you drive too. nobody is perfert.
even pedestrians caused inconvience to road users.
i guess i've said enough.
it's your take anyway cause it's your blog.

stomponli said...

Well said but the time and date of action was mentioned. So it was referring to the driver at that moment. I don't cause inconvenience to others at all and not all drivers are inconsiderate. So don't assume!

stomponli said...

Oh BTW hermit, causing a danger to others with one vehicle is one that many cannot condone! Are our life important?

Lam Chun See said...

If it was harmless to cause inconvenience and hazard to other road users, the authorities wouldn't have made it a traffic offence in the first place. If everybody also 'bochao' there will be chaos.

Take for example, cutting queues. If one or two people make geniune mistake and took the wrong lane, of course we should be courteous and give way to them. But if you dutifully follow the queue and lots of other people simply jump in in front of you; how do you fill? Just go to N. Buona Vista -AYE junction at 6.00 pm and you will see what I mean.

stomponli said...

You are right Mr.Lam. More and more motorists simply don't bother to queue up and drive all the way to the front and cut in. This causes even more jam and gives the impression that heavy traffic causes the jam - thus more ERP! It's actually the bad driving habits of those errant motorists that make driving more expensive in S'pore. Those who dutifully obey the law have to suffer.