Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lorry Going Above 90 km/h Along ECP

This lorry though was not taking the Lane 1 of the ECP, but the driver was still going way beyond its speed limit allowed. Take a look at the video below;

You can see that even though the left most lane was empty, the lorry took the middle (2nd) lane instead. Also the speed that it was travelling was at least more than 90km/h.


Lam Chun See said...

This is so common nowadays, and I wonder why the authorities do not take action. At least the road in your video is quite empty. If you go to Jalan Buroh, sometimes you find yourself completely surronded by big vehicles; all racing along like 'boh cheng hu'.

Singaparents said...
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Singaparents said...

Agreed with you Chun See. Instead of posting more TP on the expressway to book such drivers, the TP are seen on the overhead bridge like the one opp. S'pore Expo booking drivers doing at 74km/h on a road one can hardly speed.