Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cars Double Parked Opposite Victoria School

Every Friday there are illegal parking of cars and motorcycles along Marine Parade Road outside Victoria School. Cars parked on Double Yellow Lines, Bus Lanes and motorcycles parked on pedestrian footpath.

Like last Friday 1 Feb 2008, maybe because of some construction work near the Victoria School, cars even double parked outside the mosque leaving only 1 lane passable to traffic. This is a school zone and all these illegal parking are a safety hazard and pose a danger to the students there.

Must we wait till a life is lost then the relevant authority will act on it? Whatever places of worship including churches and temples too, there should be no illegal parking. Safety should not be compromise!

Note : Already sent an email to TP and c.c. to SM Goh on 4 Feb 2008. Still waiting for their replies.

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