Tuesday, February 26, 2008

YK9984Y Hogging The Middle Lane

This driver of lorry YK9984Y hogged the middle lane of the PIE (from airport to Paya Lebar) even though the left lane is not congested. The speed limit indicated on the back of lorry is 60Km/h but he is doing 80Km/h. So he is not only hogging the middle lane, but also exceeded it's speed limit.

Despite the horn and flash, the driver refuse to filter to the left. Also note that the driver don't seem to be able to keep in the middle of the lane (maybe either drunk or on handphone, etc).

Date and Time Video Taken : Saturday, February 16, 2008, 12:01:12 PM


Shaun said...

lol nice post, but be careful when filming and driving as well, or you might be a hazard yourself!

stomponli said...

Thanks Shaun,
I wonder why you think that it's filmed by the driver? I think the car can at least accomodate 4 persons.