Thursday, May 10, 2007

Driver driving on Concourse footpath

Saw this article posted on STOMP on 9 May 2007 (Thursday);

"Was this driver drunk? That's what Janet Hong, a senior storage administrator had first assumed when she saw this car on the pedestrian walkway on Monday (May 07).

30-year-old Janet and her friends were walking on the pedestrian pavement outside Concourse building when they noticed a car moving towards them!

In an email to STOMP, an outraged Janet elucidates on the incident:

"When we went for our lunch, there was a car moving towards us (we are walking at the pedestrian pavement at that time). There are two pregnant women in our lunch group.

We were wondering what happened to the driver, thinking he might be drunk. However, when we took a second look at the driver, HE IS ON THE PHONE!!!!

He made a U-turn at the compound in between the two lamp poles and then headed out to the main road. We managed to take the photos. At the same time, we jotted down the car plate number - it is SBW9920R" "

Frankly I wonder how this car ended up the footpath at Concourse? For those who been to Concourse regularly, will find it rather difficult to end up on this footpath (for cars).


Bobo the Bimbo said...

clearly you live in the east. cool. I wonder if I'll ever see a car i know. :P

Mockingbird said...

Goodu driver.