Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Insufficient Enforcement On Bike Riding On Footpath

This biker was riding on the footpath at Tampines Mart along the Tampines St.34. Such bikes here riding on footpath surrounding the perimeter of Tampines Mart is a daily affair. Despite my numerous emails to MP Mr.Mah, Town Council, Changi and Tampines NPP, TP, no strict action has been taken against such acts. Why? Why? Why? The bikers are still carrying on their illegal act on footpath daily and even when the NPP patrol car past by, they don't seem to have notice it!

Must we wait till an accident occur before we act? There are 3 schools around and a number of kindergarten and childcare centres in this area too. MPs for Tampines, all the residents wanted is a safe environment to stay in - is it very difficult???

The TP should launch an island wide campaign to catch these illegal footpath bikers like they catch those drink and drive! Pls do not give us statistics on how many you have booked over the years as the statistics clearly show that it is not enough! Get the NPP to do the job as well if the TP has insufficient manpower.

Photo and Video Taken On : 31 Mar 2008, 6.35pm at Tampines Mart.

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